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Get Better Sleep with These Healthy Habits and a PEMF Mat

After a long and exhausting day, we all want a relaxing good night’s sleep. But have you ever been in a situation when you feel so tired but can’t seem to sleep at all? You’ve already counted sheep, drank milk, and used all your remaining energy, but nothing seems to work.

PEMF Therapy as Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy offers natural pain relief for dogs, providing a noninvasive and effective solution to alleviate their suffering. This blog discusses the application of PEMF therapy for dogs, its effectiveness in managing pain, and how to identify if your pet is in pain.

PEMF Therapy: Clearing Up Common Myths

There is a lot of information on PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). Some of it needs to be clarified. Opinions are posted by experts and most people don’t know much at all about the subject. Let’s clear the air and examine the most common pulsed electromagnetic field therapy myths and lies!

PEMF Therapy Mat and the Different Types of Medical Devices

One innovative solution that gained attention is a PEMF therapy mat. These mats harness the power of the Earth’s electromagnetic waves to provide a non-invasive, nondrug, and painless option aimed at supporting overall health and wellness

How Does a Pulsed Electromagnetic Device Help You Have Stronger Bones?

pulsed electromagnetic field device in Australia
Bone conditions may arise due to several factors, such as genetic predispositions, lifestyle choices, injuries, and other underlying issues. Moreover, our bones may also grow weaker due to natural loss of bone density as we age.

The Little-Known Benefits of Buying a PEMF Mat in Australia for Sale

The best PEMF mat in Australia for sale

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to living without worries. Now that we have technology on our hands, it has become easier for us to find solutions for our health issues, as we already have access to a wide range of developments. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy machines are one of these

A Closer Look into PEMF Devices Australia: What Is Far Infrared?

Health enthusiasts around the world have been turning to innovative health and wellness technologies to help improve their quality of life. With that, the pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF devices in Australia have garnered significant attention from people looking for solutions to supplement relief and recovery.

PEMF Therapy Benefits to Your Brain

Healthcare professionals and wellness enthusiasts often link pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines with physical health improvement. Now, there’s a growing awareness of how this approach can positively impact mental wellness.

How Does Biofeedback Help Improve PEMF Therapy Benefits?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a non-invasive and innovative approach to achieving wellness. Throughout the years, studies have proven its ability to help humans manage their health. The primary PEMF therapy benefits include pain relief, improved circulation, and accelerated healing of bones and tissues.

The Components of an iMRS Mat and Their Roles

PEMF therapy mats aren’t just a random assortment of electronics, materials, and fabrics combined. It is a carefully designed system that works synergistically to help provide optimal health benefits to humans.

Read this blog as we delve into the various components that make up our iMRS Prime System and understand the roles they play in delivering effective PEMF pulse therapy.

Machine maintenance is essential in keeping the functionality of your device and extending its lifespan. While iMRS PEMF therapy devices require little to no maintenance, you must still handle them with care so that you will benefit from your PEMF mats or applicator pads for years to come.

Concussions, often referred to as the ‘invisible injury,’ are a form of traumatic brain injury that occurs due to a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body, resulting in a temporary disruption of normal brain function. Despite their invisibility on standard medical scans, concussions are a serious and complex […]

pemf rental

The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine has garnered much of its popularity due to its efficacy in promoting healing and wellness. If you’re one of those people who are curious about the benefits of PEMF therapy, you may have thought about PEMF rental or purchase. If you’re still thinking twice about buying the product, then renting it is the best  […]

pemf therapy compared to tens device

Although both PEMF and TENS treatments aim to alleviate pain, they do so in very different ways.  The main difference between TENS and PEMF lies in their mode of action. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) works by blocking pain signals, whereas PEMF pulse therapy or PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy helps the body […]

bone health

In 1979, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy for non-union fractures. Since then, the device has been used for several purposes that benefit the health of both humans and animals. It has also become more beneficial in bone healing and improving bone density. In this article, let us focus on a PEMF therapy machine’s role in your bones’ health […]

solution for backpain

Back pain is a highly common complaint among adults. It is considered the second most prevalent pain ailment next to headache. Even young adults as early as their 20s already experience it because of improper posture, sitting too long while studying or working, lack of exercise, and more. Most people will dismiss back pain as part of aging, but it can have different causes and if left unchecked and untreated […]

PEMF for Children

The pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF therapy machine, is a modern approach to wellness which supercharges the health of adults and the elderly. This non-invasive tool has the Earth’s natural electromagnetic properties and is used to improve health and ease the burden of the mature age groups. Moreover, it can help improve an individual’s condition when they suffer from inflammation, fatigue, osteoporosis, etc. PEMF has done wonders for pain-afflicted people […]

inflammatory foods

External injuries and underlying medical conditions can cause inflammation in your body. If you remember, inflammation is your body’s way of defending itself from injuries and infection. But when it becomes chronic, it’s time to address the problem. While a pulsed electromagnetic field machine can help regulate inflammation, some types of food can also fight this condition. So, before you decide to open your medicine kit to take medications for the discomfort you’re feeling, check your pantry first. The solution may just be in the food you eat […]

How to Sleep Better

Despite the fast-paced world we’re in, one should not deprive themself of a sufficient amount of sleep regardless of age. However, several triggers can fuel difficulty in falling asleep. Among these triggers include stress, injuries, chronic diseases, and mental illnesses. Of course, there’s always a way around that. A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine may help regulate your sleeping cycle as it retunes your body through the brainwave entrainment process, allowing you to be in a deep state of sleep.[…]

weight loss

In an imperfect world with people striving for perfection, others find the need to be flawless themselves, especially when it comes to physical appearance. That is why most individuals are on a venture towards weight loss. However, it is also important to note that weight loss is more than just looking good and feeling great. It also entails taking good care of your body to remain healthy and decrease the likelihood of disease. But did you know that one of PEMF’s health benefits is that it can potentially help you with weight loss? Let’s look into that […]

PEMF health benefits

Familiarising yourself with PEMF health benefits allows you to utilise our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines to your full advantage. If you understand how these devices work, you’ll know how they can help improve your overall health condition. Aside from using PEMF therapy machines, there are countless ways to maintain or improve your health. Ever since we were little, the importance of having a balanced diet has always been highlighted in school. We have the food pyramid and the classification […]

PEMF Therapy Machine to Live a Harmonious Life

What does it feel like to live a harmonious life? A life where you’re at peace with yourself and everything that surrounds you? Ideal, right? No matter how much we want our daily lives to be peaceful, happy, and healthy, some problems are inevitable, and we’re left with no choice but to deal with them. Aside from physical health conditions, humans can also fall prey to mental health issues that disrupt a smooth-sailing life. Luckily, a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy machine can help you handle both […]

pain relief for dogs

Animals are not very different to humans. They may also feel pain and contract sickness due to various internal or external factors. That is why dog lovers like you will always make sure that their pets are in optimal condition so they can still live pain-free and happy lives. However, illnesses are sometimes inevitable, especially when they get old. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy may help provide pain relief for dogs. Read on and learn more about a dog’s common health issues and […]

pemf and practitioners

Medical operations help alleviate a patient’s pain caused by specific medical conditions. However, their agony doesn’t end the moment they leave the operating room, as they may still experience postoperative pain. While it is a normal occurrence for those who have undergone surgery, the importance of pain management remains—to keep one comfortable and reduce the risk of health complications. Several methods are available to help ease a patient’s pain. But in this article, we will focus […]

natural pain relief

Several methods are available to help people manage pain—but natural pain relief is the best solution for many. This way, people can heal through the pain without worrying about any awful side effects and other elements that may invade their bodies. Moreover, it assures the patients that their treatment approach won’t harm other systems in their bodies. Moreover, studies show that natural pain relief helps enhance a person’s mental health and overall body functionality. But most […]

pemf mat for dogs

Animal lovers or not, we know people’s hearts would break if they saw a pet not taken care of—slow mobility, low energy, and untidy fur. As responsible pet owners do their best to take care of their dogs, there may still be some doubts if they’re doing it right. So, in this article, we have outlined tips and techniques that will help you give a happy and healthy life to your pets and guide you on using a PEMF machine for dogs. As a pet owner […]

The world of science is broad and wide. As such, studies and discoveries have led to a wide array of healthcare and treatment options for those who suffer from different health conditions. One example of this is a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device, which is an excellent supplement to healing and helps enhance the body’s natural recovery process. In this guide, let us look into the different types of healthcare  […]

What Are the Risks of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has gained increasing popularity among different age groups, mainly because of its known benefits to both humans and animals. With that, more people are thinking about buying these devices to support their health. And if you’re still in the process of looking into the different advantages of PEMF systems and their possible disadvantages, get the information you need in this blog […]

pemf therapy machine

There have been a lot of controversies facing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) therapy machines, making people think twice about trying the device. But is there some truth behind them, or are they purely hearsays? If you’re one of those people who are about to give PEMF therapy machines a try, yet you’re still skeptical about these devices, this blog is for you. Research shows that the use of high-intensity PEMF […]

trained professional of pemf therapy melbourne

The cells in your body operate similarly to batteries in many ways. Over time, your cells and tissue are damaged from day-to-day activities, which is one of the reasons your entire body can feel sapped of energy. Luckily, in Melbourne, you’ve got access to PEMF therapy administered by trained professionals. Curious about PEMF therapy and its benefits? Here’s a list […]

pemf for backpain

Have you ever felt a dull ache or a shooting sensation at the lower back portion of your body at some point in your life? Because if yes, you’re not alone. According to studies, eight out of ten people have experienced back pain. But that is not something you have to worry about. iMRS International has PEMF machines that can help lessen the pain and discomfort […]

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy has long proved its efficacy in improving certain health conditions of humans. While studies are ongoing to see its benefits further, the Food and Drug Administration has rendered its approval for the use of PEMF therapy machines for several health issues. In this guide, let us discuss how PEMF therapy can help […]

PEMF Therapy Machine in Australia

The state of our health is heavily affected by our lifestyle choicesThis includes the food we eat, the liquid we drink, activities we carry out on a daily basis, and the environment we are in. But what guarantee do we have that we’ll always have an optimal health condition? None. That is why most people resort to alternative methods to take […]

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machine

Choosing the Right Type of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machine A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine can bring countless benefits to the human body. But with the different types of PEMF machines, you need to find the right one for you to experience its health advantages. Let this article clear the confusion for you as we outline […]

PEMF Machine For Sale in Sydney

Different Types of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device has many proven health benefits to the human body, from reducing pain to helping with depression and anxiety. A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device can be purchased for personal use, may be used a doctor or a therapist to treat […]

PEMF Machine Australia

Because of its increasing popularity, many people are now using PEMF therapy machines to help improve their health conditions. However, the problem for some is that these devices are costly, and they don’t know where to look for reliable manufacturers, especially when they prefer to buy instead of renting. But that won’t be an issue with iMRS International […]

preparing pemf therapy

Whether you’re planning to have a PEMF therapy in Sydney or anywhere else in the world that offers this type of wellness procedure, you need to prepare yourself for the session so you can get optimal results. Nevertheless, it is not something you have to worry about because you don’t have to do that much, unlike other comprehensive and complicated medical.

PEMF therapy in Melbourne

Our body is the sole foundation of our existence. Without it, we’ll just be lifeless souls drifting in a meaningless venture. That is why we need to take care of it so we can carry on with our lives. We can do several things to maintain or improve our physical and mental health—starting with our lifestyle. Here’s what we can suggest: try PEMF […]

Deciding to buy a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale is a significant decision to make, as it involves a good sum of money, and we’re talking about your health here. Purchasing a PEMF device will change your life for the better because of the benefits it brings to your overall well-being. […]


Time isn’t in the palm of anyone’s hand. So, we can never stop getting old. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t age gracefully. With a proper lifestyle and better nutrition, aided by a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine, one can reduce the rate of ageing and live more healthily as time passes by

PEMF Machine FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved PEMF devices from PEMF.inc have long been used to aid an individual’s health progression. In fact, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy got its approval to help nonunion fractures in 1979.  As such, it is essential to learn more about the FDA’s role in regulating these machines for us to have a clearer understanding of […]

Blood circulation and PEMF therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF therapy) is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes pulsing magnetic fields to stimulate and improve various bodily functions. It has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including circulation issues, pain management, and bone healing. PEMF therapy is considered to be safe and well-tolerated, with no known significant side effects and PEMF provides health benefits […]

PEMF a Natural Pain Relief

Nobody wants to deal with pain in their lives. That is why most of us, if not all, take immediate action to ease the discomfort—mostly in the form of painkillers and not natural pain relief. But does pain vanish with these types of medicine, or is it just a starting point of the worse that’s about to come? Undoubtedly, taking painkillers is one of the most effective ways to relieve discomfort, but it may also have side effects […]

pemf health benefit for healthy balance

We’ve always heard it—a balanced diet and regular exercise are key to maintaining optimal health. A good combination of these two will improve physical and mental health. While each yields corresponding positive results, one couldn’t be that effective without the other. But for now, let’s focus on what you eat and see if you already have a balanced diet or if you need to change a thing or two in your meals and snacks. Read on as we review the basics of a balanced diet and why it is vital in […]

Improve sleep

Have you ever thought about what will happen to you if you don’t get enough sleep for a long time? Feeling tired may just be a minor problem compared to the illnesses or health conditions you can acquire if you continue to stay up all night. Lack of sleep may lead to severe health issues, such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and reduced functionality in your immune system. If it’s hard for you to relax and doze off, one of PEMF’s health benefits is it can help bring you into a relaxed state, thus improving your sleeping pattern […]

pemf therapy machine for smoking

Quitting vices is challenging, especially if you have established dependency on them. However, allowing yourself to be buried in smoking and nicotine wouldn’t do any good for you. Heavy smokers face the threat of developing health issues and chronic pains due to impaired delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the bones and tissues. Moreover, insufficient blood and nutrient transport may result in disc degeneration to the spine, which later results in lower back pains. Familiarising yourself with a PEMF therapy machine can aid you further in your […]

4 Common Sicknesses

We’ve all taken medicine for colds or fevers at some point—and you’re lucky if you haven’t. These types of illnesses are something most people don’t worry about because some believe that these conditions don’t have that much impact on their health. However, you should be wary of these common illnesses since they may cause complications when unattended.  This article circles on some common and minor illnesses a human being can experience and how a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy machine can help  […]

Say Goodbye to Stress with Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Machine

Stress is the physical and mental response your body produces as a reaction to changes and challenges. It is normal, and it happens to almost everyone, if not all. The human body is designed to experience stress and react to it, and it helps you adapt to new situations and avoid dangers by keeping you alert. However, being stressed is never a good thing, especially when it constantly bothers you. But if you have a pulsed electromagnetic therapy machine, you’re one step closer to relief […]

Use PEMF Machine for Dogs When You See These Symptoms

Humans easily find medications by consulting a doctor. Sometimes, we even do self-medication for common illnesses because we know what part of our body needs medical attention, and we have a way to find relief. However, animals couldn’t consult anyone because it’s difficult for them to communicate—with words, at least. But as a pet owner, you can figure out if your dogs are sick or unwell by being attentive to their non-verbal cues. Use PEMF machines for dogs when you see the following  […]

Have you ever wished you could put everything on hold for just a few minutes because work and life get overwhelming? Many people in the world are living with pain every day, and some people suffer from acute injuries and weakness due to various activities. Well, this innovation from the wellness and health industry may be the perfect solution for you—the PEMF mat. Combined with a proper lifestyle, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy machines may help keep […]

pemf for athletes

Athletes win because of their hard work, dedication, and strength – all with a perfect combination of a healthy body and a sound mind. With PEMF health benefits for athletes, these people who dedicated their lives to sports can perform well without worrying much about their physical and mental well-being. But how can a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine specifically help these individuals? Before we dig deeper into the PEMF health benefits for athletes, let us look  […]

dog bed for arthritis

Dogs with arthritis have to deal with pain and inflammation due to the change or damage in their joint’s cartilage. But what makes it painful is when the bones rub together every time the dog is on the move. Your dogs couldn’t communicate with you directly about what they feel. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell whether or not they are suffering from arthritis. Listed below are some of the clear signs that can help you identify if your dog has arthritis […]

PEMF Machine for Dogs

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine provides numerous benefits, not just for humans but also for animals. Therefore, many pet lovers go to clinics providing PEMF therapy or let their dogs use the machines they bought or rent from us. This article revolves around the health benefits of PEMF therapy machines for dogs. Animals aren’t any different to humans when it comes to pain. Dogs also experience physical pain […]

pemf therapy sydney

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers various health benefits to people of different ages. Moreover, many people in all walks of life have experienced its advantages. Therefore, a living proof that the PEMF machines we offer are a safe and an effective modality for you and your family. If you’re planning to get PEMF therapy in Sydney, there’s nothing else you can trust than iMRS International. You can use our machines for a […]

pemf therapy sydney

The world of science is ever evolving as scientists and other experts continue to discover things that can help sustain or improve human life. Along with these discoveries are adjustments in facts or additional knowledge in health that would benefit everyone. As pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) machines are introduced to science, many are still doubting their safety and efficacy. This article circles on the […]

PEMF machines can do a myriad of things that will bring good news to our bodies. Using a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine with whole body mat will help you live a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a healthy body allows us to complete daily activities as we go on with our lives. If we are not healthy, on the other hand, we don’t have the capacity to work, and we might develop diseases and illnesses that will make […]

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Machine in Australia

One of our primary responsibilities as humans is to take care of our bodies. A healthy body enables us to complete daily activities, establish a strong relationship with our loved ones, and live a happy life. However, many people think that achieving a healthy lifestyle by buying healthy food or an electromagnetic pulse therapy machine is costly […]

low intensity hi intensity PEMF

Low-Intensity vs. High-Intensity PEMF Machine: Does Intensity Matter? With over 10,000 published studies focusing on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, its effectiveness in improving the symptoms of particular ailments is unquestionable. However, the debate about the efficacy of low-intensity versus high-intensity PEMF machines is still ongoing. […]

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Devices

8 Reasons Why Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Devices are increasingly popular: Medical experts have constantly introduced new ways to help alleviate the medical conditions of those who suffer from them. With the continuous development aiming for the population’s optimal health condition, we have evolved from practicing traditional medicine […]

PEMF Therapy Machine in Melbourne

Now that more people are hearing about pulsed electromagnetic fields and enquiring about PEMF machines for sale, more people can experience the amazing health benefits of these devices. Good news, some companies have PEMF machines for rent, allowing people to use them for a trial period. Some health enthusiasts find it hard to […]

PEMF Machines Australia

Purchasing a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) machine in Australia is a big and, sometimes, long-term investment. That is why you have to make sure that you choose the machine that will suit your needs at the right price. In this article, we will provide you with everything you have to know before buying a PEMF therapy machine in Australia […]

PEMF Therapy Machine in Melbourne

One can either buy or rent a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine to experience various PEMF health benefits. But before making that purchase or renting a unit, you need to find a reliable distributor so that you will have peace of mind knowing that the machine you are using is effective. When it comes to PEMF therapy machines, iMRS International offers […]

PEMF History

Science has its own ways of bringing us bewildering things that we don’t even know what to do with them the first time we come across such creatures and entities. But as rational beings, we always find the purpose of everything around us and find ways that we can benefit from them The same is true with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines […]

Portable PEMF

It is highly essential for a body to have healthy cells for it to function optimally. One way to achieve that is through the use of portable electromagnetic pulse therapy. And now that the field of medicine has embraced technology into its practice, there are countless ways to alleviate the pain and suffering of humans who are experiencing […]

PEMF Therapy Machine

An electromagnetic field is a natural or manmade field of force made up of both electric and magnetic components. It is a result of the motion of an electric charge. While we can’t see it through our naked eyes, this field of force is present in our environment. In fact, atoms, chemicals, and cells are capable of producing electromagnetic pulses […]

If you want to see for yourself the benefits of a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy, PEMF.inc gives you the option to rent or purchase a machine.

However, you have to note that there are several factors to consider should you choose to buy a PEMF device in Australia.

natural pain relief with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

It is normal for people to feel pain. And before it becomes unbearable, we find ways to lessen the discomfort we’re feeling. While we can take drugs that relieve pain or apply ointments or oils, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help alleviate the sufferings we experience due to an injury or other  health conditions. Together, let’s find out how it can bring natural […]

How Does a Pulsed Electromagnetic Device Help You Have Stronger Bones?

pulsed electromagnetic field device in Australia
Bone conditions may arise due to several factors, such as genetic predispositions, lifestyle choices, injuries, and other underlying issues. Moreover, our bones may also grow weaker due to natural loss of bone density as we age.

The Little-Known Benefits of Buying a PEMF Mat in Australia for Sale

The best PEMF mat in Australia for sale

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to living without worries. Now that we have technology on our hands, it has become easier for us to find solutions for our health issues, as we already have access to a wide range of developments. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy machines are one of these