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All organs and tissues in our body consist of trillions of cells working in together to maintain regular functionality. The health of our body depends on the effectiveness of these cells to maintain numerous metabolic functions at any given time.

Any problems at the cellular level could reduce efficiency and increase vulnerability to potential toxins and infections from invaders. Cellular dysfunction and cumulative tissue damage may lead to chronic pain. Just like a car engine needs a tune up from time to time, our body cells need attention to make sure they are working at the optimum level.

ASSIST YOUR BODY WITH pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) therapy is non-invasive and safe. It is proven through extensive clinical trials to be
an effective therapy. All living organisms, including human cells, create magnetic fields. PEMF sends a vibrant and harmonic electromagnetic fields into the body.

The application of PEMF has shown to have favorable benefits on international standards. At least 3,000 double-blind studies conducted at the university level have found the positive effect of PEMF in improving a range of conditions. The United States Food and Drug Administration has already approved the use of PEMF therapy for conditions like brain cancer, depression and anxiety, bone fractures, and urinary incontinence.

NASA was awarded a US patent in 2009 for its research on PEMF. In addition to the NASA tissue repair patent, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy were found to stimulate the growth of stem cells. (Patent – US 7,601,114 B2)

PEMF therapy and using our iMRS system may be of great assistance to you.

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