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PEMF Health Benefits for Athletes

Athletes win because of their hard work, dedication, and strength – all with a perfect combination of a healthy body and a sound mind. With PEMF health benefits for athletes, these people who dedicated their lives to sports can perform well without worrying much about their physical and mental well-being. But how can a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine specifically help these individuals? Learn about that and more in this blog. 

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Common Injuries Among Athletes

Before we dig deeper into the PEMF health benefits for athletes, let us look into the common injuries they may have to deal with after rigorous exercise or playing on the field. 


First on the list is a fracture. It is the partial or complete damage to the bones caused by injuries, falls, or a direct hit to the body. As we all know, some sports require physical contact and intense activity, making fractures and other injuries inevitable. 

One of the most common forms of fractures in athletes is stress fracture. This condition comes with tiny cracks in your bones, mainly caused by repetitive force. Athletes whose sports or training involve jumping or running long distances are prone to stress fractures. Usually, it affects the lower legs, feet, collarbone, wrist, and hands. 

If you are an athlete, you know better than to play through the pain. Wait until your bones heal from the damage before participating in any impact and contact sport. To speed up the process, you can use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines. These PEMF mats, applicator pads, and spot applicators help the body’s natural recovery process. Most importantly, PEMF therapy was approved by the FDA in 1979.


Strains are an injury to a muscle or tendon, which may result in a stretch in the affected parts or partial to complete tear. There are three main causes of strains: 

  • muscle overuse; 
  • force; and 
  • overstretching. 

Athletes often experience strains because many parts of their bodies and muscles are used when they train, exercise, and play. And if there are mistakes in the way they move, stretching farther than they should, or didn’t warm up before strenuous activity, then it may result in strains. 


While strains impact the muscle or tendon, sprains are an injury on the bands of the tissue that binds two bones together. This condition usually impacts the ankle, wrists, elbows, and knees, especially when you move and turn the ligaments in the wrong way. Just like strains, you can avoid having sprains by stretching and warming up before working out and being physically active. 

Knee Injuries

The complexity of a knee’s structure makes it prone to different kinds of injuries among athletes, especially those who play sports like track and field, football, lacrosse, or basketball. As these players compete with the others on the field or court, their knees may suffer from injuries due to the following factors: 

  • Sudden stops 
  • Harsh moves 
  • Pressure on the knee 
  • Trauma from blunt force 
  • Unexpected twists and turns  
  • Overuse due to intensive training 

Some of the most common knee injuries the athletes may face in their lifetime are anterior cruciate ligament tear, cartilage tear, dislocation, and fractures. 

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Achilles tendon injury is the tear in the fibrous cord connecting your heel bones and the muscles at the back of your calf. It specifically occurs after you stretch your Achilles tendon to its breaking point. The pain you’ll feel because of this injury may range from mild to severe, and it may get better or worse as time goes by.  

It is usual among athletes because they usually do physical activities where they suddenly speed up, slow down, or pivot. Moreover, one of the indicators that your Achilles tendon is injured is if you feel pain above your heel if you stand on your toes. 

How Can Athletes Benefit from Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machines?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines offer various benefits for athletes. That is why those who have discovered its advantages are now using them as part of their journey in sports. Given that PEMF therapy works in harmony with the body—its cells, tissues, and organs—it is beyond doubt that it can help improve the performance of athletes in different ways.  

To wrap up everything, here are the PEMF health benefits for athletes: 

  1. It helps prevent injuries by increasing bone density and identifying muscle imbalances. 
  2. If the athlete is already injured, they can heal faster with PEMF therapy machines because the electromagnetic pulses sent out to the body will target the damaged cells due to the injuries and helps the body to regenerate them. 
  3. It helps decrease pain, inflammation, muscle aches, and swelling caused by strenuous activities, overstretching, and injuries. 
  4. When you are in a PEMF therapy session, you will feel relaxed during the process, yet you will gain energy thereafter. 
  5. The relaxing sensation brought by PEMF therapy will be of great assistance to making the athletes feel less stressed, sleep soundly at night, and have a calm mind. 
  6. It promotes a healthier lifestyle, decreases cellular breakdown, and increases energy production. 
  7. It may give athletes a better range of motion and increased flexibility. 
  8. It helps improve stamina, endurance, and circulation. 

This type of approach to health is beneficial not just to athletes but to everyone. To top it all off, PEMF therapy is a non-invasive and nondrug option for wellness.

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Now that you know the PEMF health benefits for athletes, it is time to see for yourself its wonders. PEMF.inc offers different types of PEMF therapy machines that will help athletes enhance not just their health but also their performance. If you want to relax after being in a physical draining activity or intense workout, our iMRS devices have a Fast Start feature where you can choose the Relaxation setting. Through this, you won’t feel exhausted, and you will be well-rested after a sporting event. 

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