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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device for Sale

Deciding to buy a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale is a significant decision to make, as it involves a good sum of money, and we’re talking about your health here. Purchasing a PEMF device will change your life for the better because of the benefits it brings to your overall well-being. That is why you have to make sure that you have chosen the right device for your needs.  

In this guide, we will lay out the crucial factors you must consider before buying a PEMF device in Australia.   

1. Frequency Range

Frequency in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines refers to the number of pulses the device generates per second. These pulses are transferred to the body, which then resonates to the applied area.  

Depending on the manufacturer and applicator type, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices come in different frequency ranges, between 1Hz to 1000 Hz. Remember that different frequencies bring different effects to your body. So, it is vital to ask the service provider for advice on which frequency range is the best for you. 

2. Intensity

As you probably know, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines come in two intensity levels: low and high.   

Both low-intensity and high-intensity PEMF therapy machines can help individuals in dealing with their pain and inflammation, as well as achieve optimal health conditions. However, the device’s intensity level will affect how long the treatment will take for some health issues.   

According to 10,000 studies that focused on the benefits of PEMF therapy machines, it has been found that low-intensity machines offer a homoeopathic effect, which aids healing naturally.  

When buying a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale, choose the one with adjustable intensities. This way, you get to decide what’s suitable for you.

3. Type

There are different types of PEMF therapy machines. PEMF.inc offers the following applicators: 

  • Whole Body Mat 
  • Applicator Pad 
  • Spot Applicator 

Aside from these, we also have iMRS Prime accessories, including a Biofeedback device and a light & sound device.  

Choosing the right type of PEMF therapy applicator helps you get the desired results more quickly. If you’re aiming for overall wellness, the whole-body mat is for you because it targets and stimulates your entire body. Meanwhile, the applicator pad and spot applicator will work best if you want pain relief in specific parts of your body.   

Plus, you won’t have to worry about portability and convenience, even with our whole-body applicator. Our PEMF mat (Exagon Mat) is foldable into three segments, making it easier to carry it around when travelling.


Some people complain about the complexity of using PEMF therapy machines, looking for the best frequency, time and intensity settings.  

For this reason, you must choose a device that is easy to operate and adjust. And this won’t be any of your worries with our PEMF therapy machines. Our PEMF applicators come with a touchscreen tablet, so you can easily operate the system. Plus, we have an iGuide for some, which helps you choose among the 300 health issues programmed and follow the time and intensity suggestions.

5. Support

While we ensure that our PEMF systems are easy to use, we also provide support for our clients.  

Access to support is beneficial when buying any machine, especially the ones you will use to maintain or improve your health. When it comes to purchasing PEMF therapy machines, support from the service provider or the manufacturer is essential. 

These people can help you choose the right device and offer advice on using them. Moreover, they should also be ready to guide you along the process of setting the PEMF therapy machine up if you need them and give you solutions if you’ve noticed some problems with your unit.  

In short, support must be readily available to make the user’s experience hassle-free.

6. Certifications and Reviews

Lastly, check if the machines have obtained certification from relevant regulatory bodies like the FDA, MDSAP, ISO, IEC, and more. These will assure you that the PEMF device you’re about to purchase is in compliance with health and safety standards. 

Client reviews can also help you decide whether or not you can trust the manufacturer or service provider. By reading testimonials, you can see real experiences from people who have used the device to help you decide more easily. 

PEMF.inc: Provider of High-Quality and Trusted PEMF Therapy Devices

When buying a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale, PEMF.inc is your best choice! We have obtained international accreditations and certifications from the FDA, ISO, MDSAP, MDC, Health Canada, and IEC. Not only that! Our machines are engineered with the latest technology. 

Our customers in Australia can call us on 0414-644120, while international clients can contact +61-414644120. Start taking good care of your health today with PEMF.inc!