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Extending the Lifespan of Your iMRS PEMF Therapy Devices

Machine maintenance is essential in keeping the functionality of your device and extending its lifespan. While iMRS PEMF therapy devices require little to no maintenance, you must still handle them with care so that you will benefit from your PEMF mats or applicator pads for years to come.

Read this blog as we give you some tips on maintaining or taking care of your therapy machine so that it will continue to help you take care of your health.

1. Keep Your PEMF Device Sanitised

Like taking care of any other machine or thing you own, it is important to keep your pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device sanitised. Aside from making your machine look brand-new, it will also help prevent the spread of infection and remove harmful germs.

However, you don’t need a special cleaning agent or solution for your machines. You can use any antibacterial substances, fabric, or wipes to clean the surface and get it ready for your next use.

2. Store Them Properly

Although people will use their machines every day, there may be times when you have visitors and may want to pack it away. With that, store them properly when not in use—away from moisture, dust, and direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

3. Check If It’s Travel-Friendly

In some cases where you need to bring your PEMF therapy device, check if it’s easy to carry. You must also see the transport situation and find the perfect place to store your machine without putting it on unsafe surfaces (wet, damp, dusty, etc.).

PEMF.inc’s pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices for sale are portable to make it easier for you to maintain your overall health even when you’re not at home or in the clinic. For example, our Exagon mat folds in three sections, which allows you to have full-body pulsed electromagnetic field therapy whenever and wherever you like.

4. Always Read the Guide First

Even the simplest machine at home comes with a paper guide, as this helps new users operate the device effectively to get their desired results. These guidelines may include standard practices in using the machine, wattage requirement, parts of the device and their respective uses, and more.

While our iMRS PEMF therapy devices are easy to operate, always read the guide, especially when it’s your first use. Regardless, we offer phone and email support if you have questions about the machine. Plus, our iGUIDE will take the guesswork out of using our systems because it includes a wide range of health issues programmed in the control box, which suggests the proven effective time and intensity.

5. Turn Off After Use

It may be a no-brainer, but some people tend to forget to unplug or turn off their devices when not in use. Turning off your pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine can help conserve energy and, more importantly, increase its lifespan. Additionally, doing so can also prevent a power surge in case it was left on in a electrical storm.

6. Inspect Regularly

Regularly inspecting your pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines will help address issues before they even occur. And in rare cases where you discover something is wrong or a particular component is not working, you can identify and fix them early on.

In short, inspecting your machines will help maintain their functionality, decrease unexpected downtime, and extend their lifespan so more people can experience the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

7. Have It Repaired by Experts

As previously mentioned, it’s rare for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines to break or show signs of wear and tear. However, should this situation occur or if your PEMF system doesn’t work as it used to, consult the experts and have them repair your device. Don’t try to fix them on your own because chances are you’re going to cause more damage than what you’ve started with.

These people will know what component isn’t working and find the best solutions, so your device will be up and running in no time.

Our company has stock of all parts so any issue the part can be replaced. Even 10 years after purchasing your machine there will be stock available.

Taking Care of Your iMRS PEMF Therapy Devices

Some pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices are high-maintenance and may need calibration. But with our iMRS PEMF therapy devices, you’ll only need to remember a few things to keep them in their optimal functionality.

First, see to it that you place your PEMF therapy mats on a firm surface when using. Another thing is to use a surge protector. Lastly, turn off the machine after use. By doing these things, you can make the most out of your pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices without worrying much about their lifespan.

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