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Chronic pain effects more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined. When seeking medical attention, research has found pain is the primary reason. Our iMRS PEMF machines are portable, convenient and very easy to use. PEMF rental may help you in many ways including the assistance of pain relief.

PEMF.inc provides a PEMF machine for rent and mat pemf rental for short- and long-term agreements. If you want to try the PEMF machines for rent, we are here to help you. We have high tech qality PEMF rental mats, which you can conveniently rent in Australia. At some locations, you can pick up the PEMF machine from one of wellness centers. We can courier if required. We can also personally deliver in some areas. We have PEMF machines all across Australia so if you live close by, pick up can be arranged.

Rent an iMRS Professional System for two weeks for as low as $150 per week or a total of $300 for two weeks. The 3rd week onwards is $110 a week for as long as you need it. At $70 per hour for 1 treatment often charged by practioners, this is an incredible saving when renting our PEMF machine. 

You can use the PEMF therapy machine on as many people as you like, including family and friends.  

SETUP + TRAINING ON RENTAL UNITS: Despite the simple interface of the PEMF rental system, competent training on the unit is crucial to getting good results. The setup and training can be done via email, phone, phone text messaging or on-site. Proper training on how to use the PEMF system leads to more effective and quicker results. 


PEMF.inc has many years experience in servicing clients and rent PEMF machines in Australia. 

We give you the option to try before you buy. If you don’t want to buy, simply return the mat. PEMF.inc gives you the chance to decide.  

Renting is familiarising. Sometimes, we are usually indecisive about our preferences. That’s why we present multiple affordable PEMF machine for renting Australia wide. 

PEMF.inc gives support to all clients from the home users and to the therapists.

We extend help via email, phone, or on-site support set up with every machine rented. With our help, you will be equipped with the proper knowledge you need to get the most out of our PEMF machine for optimal results.

PEMF machine for rent from PEMF Inc

PEMF Machine for Rent Details

Rental $150 a Week - $110 a Week 3rd Week Onwards

The iMRS Professional System includes:

Rental $200 a Week - $150 a Week 3rd Week Onwards

iMRS Prime Hybrid with Far Infrared includes:

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