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PEMF Therapy Machine for Children: How Safe Is It?

The pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF therapy machine, is a modern approach to wellness which supercharges the health of adults and the elderly. This non-invasive tool has the Earth’s natural electromagnetic properties and is used to improve health and ease the burden of the mature age groups. 

Moreover, it can help improve an individual’s condition when they suffer from inflammation, fatigue, osteoporosis, etc.  

PEMF has done wonders for pain-afflicted people. But how about the children who suffer similar chronic illnesses as the elderly? Or for parents who just want to use the device to maintain their child’s health? Is this modern approach good news? 

PEMF for Children

Sick Children: A Parent’s Nightmare

Everyone deserves a better shot at a healthy and robust life, especially youth. As they continuously develop, children may experience injuries and illnesses which they may not avoid. Knowing that a child is sick is every parent’s nightmare, and caring for them can be mind-boggling.  

Crippled with anxiety and worry, parents resort to various ways to improve their child’s condition. Parents juggle their time between doctor visits, hospital tests or treatments, home remedies, and therapy. 

Therapies, in particular, are medical treatments that remedy health problems and conditions with varying indications and contraindications.

PEMF Therapy Machines Through the Years

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy was first practised during the earlier Soviet space explorations and then by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). It was used as a remedy to alleviate the loss of bone density among cosmonauts and astronauts. 

PEMF therapy has come a long way, it has slowly made its path from astronaut use to becoming accessible for domestic use. The practice has been FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved since 1979, and throughout the 20th century came the inventions and innovations of various PEMF machines.

How Does a PEMF Machine Work?

PEMF therapy machines are tools that apply magnetic energy waves to a patient’s body. As the energy waves run through the body, they increase electrolytes and ions. Then the cells communicate with each other to help eradicate unwanted pain and inflammation.  

The energy waves for these machines can be adjusted in varying frequencies, waveforms, and strengths. The emission of electrical charges helps the body to heal itself of the affected area by influencing cellular metabolism. 

In a study published on the United States National Library of Medicine website, PEMF has shown positive results for post-operative patients. It is also effective in improving fractures, pain relief, blood flow, and edema reduction. 

To support the previous claim, an article from the University of California Integrative Health Institute states that the PEMF therapy machine is a complementary method to reduce pain. Because it is a non-drug approach to pain management, it decreases the risks of medication dependency and its side effects.

Are PEMF Machines Safe for Children?

The short answer: Yes. 

PEMF machines are technically safe for children but be aware of some brands. Always see to it that you are purchasing PEMF machines from accredited companies as a precautionary measure like PEMF.inc. We provide PEMF therapy machines approved by the MDSAP (medical device single audit program), which is recognised by all health authorities around the world. Our machines are high quality and safe to use. 

PEMF therapy machines can help your children with the following: 

  • Decrease emotional distress through relaxation (used with low intensity) 
  • Improve their condition when they have physical injuries 
  • Reduces inflammation by improving the body’s detoxification 

Tips When Buying or Trying PEMF Therapy Machines

PEMF therapy can be used with full-body mats, and applicator pads. With that, one of the most important things you need to do is to figure out which type of machine you need. But be aware most PEMF internet brands are made in China using cheap materials with small copper coils inside the applicators which will not be effective. 

Don’t worry! Our team of professionals can help you learn what you need to know when choosing a machine. Our website has product comparisons and reviews from various individuals who have tried our PEMF therapy devices. Never hesitate to ask questions because we’ll provide you with comprehensive answers to give you peace of mind when using our machines. 

Getting the Best Care for Children

Children are prone to sickness. For this reason, it is imperative that they get the best care possible. Introduce them to exercise and play while providing healthy food and support conducive to wellness. 

As they develop their immune system, they are prone to contract the most common childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, cough, MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella), influenza, colds, and ear infections, among others. Kids could easily acquire or spread them on playgrounds, daycare centers, public places, and even at home. 

You can help prevent these illnesses through health care visits and check-ups. Complementary and alternative medicine can be used with movement therapies, massage, homeopathy, and dietary changes. 

It is also important to remember that PEMF therapy machines aren’t only for people with illnesses. It can also promote wellness and help you and your children maintain or improve your health without exposure to invasive devices and drugs. 

See for Yourself the Benefits of PEMF Therapy Today!

Our machine’s settings are implemented by a touch screen tablet which is easy to use. Convenience and results are key when using PEMF machines, but safety should be paramount, especially when the party involved are children. So it is wise to choose a certified medical PEMF device like ours which is a trusted brand.  

To learn more about our PEMF therapy machines, feel free to call us at 0414644120 for our Australia office and +61-414644120 for the international office. We’ll guide you in choosing the best PEMF devices for your child and how to use the machine to achieve optimal results.