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Pros and Cons of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has gained increasing popularity among different age groups, mainly because of its known benefits to both humans and animals. With that, more people are thinking about buying these devices to support their health. And if you’re still in the process of looking into the different advantages of PEMF systems and their possible disadvantages, get the information you need in this blog. 

What Are the Risks of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pros of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Aside from the benefits PEMF therapy brings to our health, there are also various factors that will place the users at an advantage. Provided below are some of the pros of using PEMF therapy machines. 


“But I’ve heard that PEMF therapy machines are costly…” 

Buying a PEMF therapy machine will really require you to make an investment. But the good thing about that is you can access the device every time you need it. Not to mention, it provides you with countless benefits and will eventually lead you to a healthier life. If you purchased a quality machine like the iMRS and you used every day for the next 15 years, the cost is minimal.

But do you really need to buy one?

While we recommend you to buy the machine that will best suit your need after you’ve tried them, it is not necessary for you to purchase one right away, especially if your pockets are not yet ready to make such an investment. 

PEMF.inc offers our clients the option to rent our devices should they need them for a short period only. This way, you can save up for the machine should you wish to purchase one. Our rental package starts at $150 per week, which includes the following: 

  • control unit; 
  • whole body mat; 
  • pillow pad; 
  • probe; 
  • iGuide; 
  • adjustable timer and intensity settings; 
  • email and phone support. 


“What makes you say so?” 

Many have tried using PEMF therapy machines, and many have seen the benefits they can offer. Therefore, the efficacy of PEMF therapy is unquestionable. One of over 10,000 studies conducted to prove the positive effects of this type of modality was from NASA. Led by Dr Thomas Goodwin, Ph D, the four-year study has been the most extensive and thorough research focusing on PEMF’s ability to improve life on Earth. 

What does NASA’s study reveal?

Aside from looking into PEMF, the team of researchers also studied the effects of other forms of energy, including lasers, LEDs, and static magnets. Among all of these, PEMF showed the most promising result when it comes to improving the regeneration of muscles and supplementing healing.  

Moreover, they also found out that PEMF users can get the best results when they choose machines with low frequency and low intensity. As the pulses resonate in your body, the electromagnetic fields help in muscle and tissue regeneration, increase cell longevity, and enhancement of cellular voltage.

Easy to Use

“Aren’t pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices complicated to use?” 

Those who haven’t heard about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices or seen the machine in person will assume that they have complicated features. These people may also think that it is hard to make some adjustments to a particular machine for it to meet their needs. 

However, one look at our operating instructions, and you’ll know what to do! And if you want to be sure, you can always seek help from our staff. We’ll make sure to guide you along the process. Once the PEMF machine has been delivered, we often dedicate time to talk on the phone and instruct the new client what buttons to press on the control table. We also provide tips on how to use it more effectively.  

Users of our PEMF therapy machines have acknowledged the devices’ ease of use after the first consultation. According to those who use PEMF.inc’s PEMF therapy machines, they are easy to operate because of the icons displayed on the iMRS touch screen tablet. Since they are user-friendly, you can use them at home should you decide to purchase or rent one. 

Safe for Both Adults and Children

“Is there something to prove this claim?” 

Let the 10,000 scientific papers and 2,000 double-blind studies speak for themselves.  

The majority of the results show that PEMF therapy is indeed non-invasive, non-contact, and non-drug option that helps improve the health conditions of both humans and animals. Additionally, these studies revealed that this modality could assist in the maintenance of cellular health and functionality, which in return lessens pain and inflammation as well as aids the body in its natural healing process in case of diseases and injuries. 

In a book by Dr Paulig entitled “Magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research,” there is a report that pertains to the positive effects of PEMF therapy on children. The advantages include the healing facilitation of the following conditions: 

  • sinusitis; 
  • Legg-Perthes disease; 
  • cardiac arrhythmias; 
  • enuresis; and  
  • other orthopedic conditions. 

Cons of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

The benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines are unquestionable. But there may be some cons, including: 

Lack of Communication from Some Vendors

“What does that mean?” 

Many PEMF therapy machine vendors sell their products online without giving their contact information, such as their phone number on their website. With these sellers, the only form of communication they offer is through email, which is time-consuming and frustrating for most clients.  

Moreover, there are also others who hire a customer service representative who doesn’t necessarily know about the complexity of PEMF or how the machine works. Meaning, they can only answer simple ordering questions. 

But with PEMF.inc, our professional staff are here to guide you along the process. Just call the contact number provided on our contact page, and we’ll answer your queries immediately. Plus, we have available machines for rent that you can try. 

Three Contraindications of PEMF Therapy

“What are these?” 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is advantageous because of the effects they bring to our bodies. However, there are three contraindications to be aware of.  

These are (1) epilepsy, (2) pregnancy, and (3) an electronic device implanted inside the body, such as a pacemaker.  

Regardless, people who have injuries or those who have undergone operations with metal, screws, steel plates, wire, or porcelain are safe to use PEMF therapy. 

Availability and Accessibility

“Aren’t there a lot of PEMF therapy machine manufacturers?” 

This disadvantage is only applicable to those who choose to rent PEMF therapy machines and not buy them. Because of its increasing demand, the PEMF machine you need may not be available at the time you need it. But that won’t be your problem with PEMF.inc because we strive to continue to meet the demands of our clients and invest in more PEMF machines so they can still avail of our rental services without waiting. 

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