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PEMF Therapy: Clearing Up Common Myths

Pulsed electromagnetic field

There is a lot of information on PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). Some of it needs to be clarified. Opinions are posted by experts and most people don’t know much at all about the subject. Let’s clear the air and examine the most common pulsed electromagnetic field therapy myths and lies!

Magnetic therapy

PEMFs that are very strong are bad for you.

The people who say this haven’t read any of the scientific material at all. It has been shown in some studies that using high-power electromagnetic fields can help with depression

Studies that looked at the effects of high-strength Pulse Magnetic on the brain also showed that they are safe. However, high-power PEMF devices should only be used by doctors or a trained therapist. They are not meant to be used at home.

There is only one frequency that will work.

Researchers have examined a large number of frequencies as ways to treat health problems..Finding a single frequency that will fix all issues or improve all health conditions is impossible.

On the other hand, more energy is given when the frequency is higher. The higher the frequency, though, the harder it is to tell what effect it has on the cell. This is especially true for frequencies made by humans in the KHz and MHz range, like those used by mobile phones and other electronics. The newest magnetic field treatment gear generation should work in the low-frequency band. But once more, they won’t be exclusive in their benefits.

I can only use the PEMF device once a day. PEMF devices say you should only do one treatment a day at most. Often, this is because of the problem with how the PEMF machine and technology is designed

When used for specific problems, treatment sessions may need to be longer and happen more often at the start..

As health improves, treatment times can be shortened until only regular upkeep treatments are needed. The amount of magnetic field treatment depends on the person’s health concern, area of the body needing treatment and their age. Getting help from a professional is usually helpful when figuring out the best protocol.

You can’t use PEMF therapy alongside other modalities.

Some practitioners of other modalities may say that Electromagnetic therapy treatments can’t be used with their technique. This is not true. PEMFs often enhance other modalities. PEMF can give circulation and to relax a client, for example before getting a massage or a chiropractic adjustment.

Combining modalities work better than separately. There are different reasons for this: each method acts and helps health. Regarding health conditions, there is almost always more than one reason for their progression. After a certain point, each modality will be helpful because it addresses actions that are unique to that modality

As a result, dealing with or treating conditions with more than one method is most likely more effective. Some specific examples are mixing Electromagnetic with nutrition, medicine, physical therapy treatment, etc.

Compare PEMF therapy to acupuncture.

There is no one better than the other. All modalities each have their own pros and cons. People have used acupuncture for a lot longer than they have used PEMF devices.

Additionally, a study has shown that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with acupuncture, often has better effects than acupuncture alone. PEMF therapy works on the cellular level which impacts all cells and tissues of the body, so is a highly sought after modality

Electromagnetic therapy device

For any given condition, there is only one best PEMF signal

Though sometimes a specific signal works well in a particular situation, people often conclude that a specific strength or frequency is the best. But if you look closely at the studies, you can often see that changes in the factors, like consistently using a quality device will lead to results.

You should be very careful if someone says only one frequency, strength, or device will work in a particular situation. This is partly because different people with the same condition, like diabetes, have very different symptoms. In a perfect world, the Pulse electromagnetic settings would be changed to fit the person, and their condition would be considered over time.

For a specific condition, there only is one optimal PEMF signal.

It is a common misconception that results from studies on a specific PEMF signal or system can be applied to all PEMF signals and systems. While there may be similarities in the effects of electromagnetic signals, each system may have unique characteristics that warrant further study. Research journals contain many studies on different PEMF signals, intensities, actions, and conditions.

Although many effects of electromagnetic signals may be consistent across various signals, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is essential to determine which signal is most beneficial for specific situations. The collection of PEMF studies is extensive but still ongoing, highlighting the complexity of this field of research.

Earth-based wavelengths are the only ones that should be used.

Several companies say their systems work better because they use “earth-based” energies instead of other types. The earth itself, indeed, has a vast spread of frequencies. Some of these are Schumann resonances in the ionosphere, which range from 1 to 99 Hz; those that come from space and hit the polar regions; those that come from natural materials; the sun’s rays; and many more.

The earth’s static magnetic field changes every day and worldwide. The 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance is not the only Schumann resonance; many others happen spontaneously in nature.

The human body responds well in the biological window of 1 to 30 Hz frequencies. The higher frequencies are best in the morning, and the lower Delta frequencies are best at night.

PEMFs only work at very high levels.

People also say that Pulsed Electromagnetic fields with high strength are the only ones that work. They don’t consider the larger body of studies that show that PEMFs with lower intensities are more effective over a longer period of time.

They are helpful for a wide range of health issues and conditions. Very low-power Pulse Electromagnetic fields are best for maintaining health, helping people sensitive to electrical fields, and increasing blood flow. PEMF therapy is non specific, it helps the body to heal itself. The 4 year NASA study found that extremely low intensities increased stem cell activity by 400%

There are only specific frequencies that work.

Depending on the waveform, the amount of charge or induction it can create in the body is more important than the waveform itself. Rectangular, squarewave, sawtooth impulses, for example, have higher phases going up and down than sinus waves. This means that they carry a lot of force. A rapid rise and fall signal is important for health benefits.

You should only treat yourself for eight minutes at a time.

Some magnetic devices recommend treatment times of 8 minutes. 8 minutes twice a day is great for maintenance. However, this claim needs to be backed up by solid proof.

Determining the best treatment times for studies is often challenging because practical issues must be considered. Ultimately, it is up to the person to decide how much treatment to complete. The key for good PEMF therapy results is using a quality machine and being consistent with daily treatments

Magnetic therapy device

There is only one PEMF device that supports circulation.

All PEMFs can improve blood flow. Even a magnetic device stimulator that is only applied locally will improve blood flow by acting on the nervous system and chemical parts of the blood.

Some makers have shown that their specific device improves circulation. However, this doesn’t mean other devices won’t have the same effect and benefit. Doing a live blood test under the microscope can prove the effectiveness of better looking blood cells before and after treatments.

(ESTIM), which stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulators, works better than PEMF?

Electric muscle stimulation is something that clinicians and experts know more about and have a better idea of. Most of the time, ESTIM is used to make muscles tighten. This can be done with ESTIM for less money than with Electromagnetic treatment.

TENS machines are the direct application of electricity to the body using gels or liquids that carry electricity. Electrostatic modulation is often less expensive than Magnetic therapy, but it can’t go very deep into the body, which is the main problem. To get deep into the body, sensors are often placed in the brain, spinal cord or other body parts, which is considered invasive.

PEMF therapy is non invasive as the magnetic field passes through the body while fully clothed. Because of this, it has a much more significant effect on the body.


Electromagnetic treatment device

PEMFs are dangerous.

A lot of the time, people mix up therapeutic EMFs with EMFs in their surroundings. Millions of people have used Magnetic field therapy for at least 50 years. Up to very strong PEMFs,

Such tests as MRIs and, more recently, high-intensity transcranial magnetic stimulation (HITMS) performed across the brain are very safe

Pregnancy is the most common reason why you shouldn’t use magnetic therapy. Even though PEMF devices haven’t been studied in depth, that doesn’t mean they are bad for pregnant women.

Environmental EMFs, produced by cell phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other man-made electronics, are a very different type of pulse electromagnetic therapy.

Therapeutic PEMF therapy utilizes frequencies mostly below 100 Hz to promote healing and wellness. In today’s modern world, most frequencies are in the microwave range, which the body absorbs and can potentially lead to heat and electrosmog exposure. Man made EMFs are often considered harmful, whereas therapeutic magnetic devices are designed to be safe and beneficial.

Extensive research on PEMF therapy has been conducted, with tens of thousands of studies involving hundreds of thousands of individuals. The overwhelming majority of these studies have shown no significant side effects or risks of harm associated with PEMF therapy. The potential health benefits of PEMF therapy far outweigh any potential risks.

PEMF therapy has shown great promise in improving health and well-being, with a strong safety profile. It is important for individuals to educate themselves on the proper use of PEMF devices and to choose the best quality PEMF machine to maximize the potential benefits. For more information view and contact us at: www.pemf.inc

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