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7 Things a PEMF Machine Can Do

PEMF machines can do a myriad of things that will bring good news to our bodies. Using a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine with whole body mat will help you live a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a healthy body allows us to complete daily activities as we go on with our lives. If we are not healthy, on the other hand, we don’t have the capacity to work, and we might develop diseases and illnesses that will make us feel exhausted in this life. 

With that, here are seven things a PEMF machine may help our bodies with:

1. Balances the Immune System

Our immune system defends our bodies against invaders that may cause sicknesses, such as toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. This defence system is natural and intricately made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs.   

With a healthy immune system, there will be fewer to no antigens entering your body. But if your immune system weakens, you will be susceptible to diseases.   

There are several ways to boost your immune system, including exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and preventing alcohol and drug abuse. Aside from following these healthy practices, PEMF machines are also an excellent supplement to achieve a strengthened immune system as they recharge the electromagnetic fields of your cells.

2. Fuse Broken Bones

The human body has the ability to heal itself. And this includes fusing broken bones or treating fractures. However, several factors like bone infections, inadequate blood flow, and nutrient deficiency can slow down the healing process of broken bones.   

Using a portable PEMF machine can stimulate bone healing as the electromagnetic fields it sends out to the body increases the number and maturity levels of bone-building cells. Moreover, this device also helps make the tissues generate stronger and denser bones.

3. Reduce Pain and Inflammation

One of the most common uses of PEMF therapy machines is reducing the pain and inflammation a person may have, be it a symptom of other diseases or a result of an injury. As you probably know, we feel pain when there are damages to our body’s tissues, and our nerves send signals to our brain that we have an injury. 

When the pain doesn’t fade after a few hours or so, you can reduce the discomfort you are feeling with a PEMF therapy machine. PEMF therapy induces electrical variations into the damaged cells and tissues, which may slow or stop pain and inflammation. 

4. Speeds Up Wound Healing

Our skin is the largest part of the body that protects everything on the inside from germs and other elements that may harm them. But when our skin hits a sharp object, it will break or tear and the wound forms after a few hours or days, depending on the depth of the injury.   

For others, wounds heal in just a short period. But for people who have diabetes, wound healing may take a long time. If you notice that your wounds don’t fade or disappear even after a long time, you can use PEMF machines to help speed up their healing process. Studies show that PEMF may accelerate wound closure and lessen the pain you feel because of the injury. 

5. Improves Sleep Quality

The only time we can truly rest is when we go to sleep at night. It is when we’re free from the worries of the world and gives us the chance to take a break from all the pressure and demands of life. While some people can sleep the moment they close their eyes, others find it hard to do so. And when they do, they wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. 

If we lack sleep or have a poor quality of sleep, we don’t feel energised the next day, which will affect our performance. One way to get yourself to sleep soundly at night is to use a PEMF machine. This device helps you relax and change the frequencies of your brain, which will then enhance your quality of sleep. 

6. Accelerates Tissue Repair

Tissues are cells grouped to perform a unified function, which means that they perform their duties in the body as a single unit. There are four types of tissues, namely, epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue.  

Like other parts of our bodies, a tissue may also get damaged due to several reasons, such as a sprain, tendon tear, infections, arthritis, and other activities that result in injuries. Soft tissue damage can be healed if you take a rest, apply cold packs to the area, wear a compression bandage, and elevate the injury.  

For serious tissue damage, though, a PEMF therapy machine can help you with that. Just as how it enhances the regeneration speed of cells, the device also helps generate the cells that the tissues are made up of. Therefore, the therapy may accelerate tissue repair. 

7. Promotes Wellness in Animals

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy isn’t only beneficial for you but also a natural pain relief for dogs or for your pets. Studies have shown that it can help alleviate the conditions of animals like dogs and horses. These health conditions include osteoarthritis, fractures, swelling, chronic wounds, traumatic injuries, surgical wounds, edema, and more.  

Unlike humans who can express their pain, animals can’t communicate to us when they are experiencing certain conditions. Nevertheless, they will manifest symptoms of certain diseases. And you can help lessen their discomfort with the use of a PEMF machine. With this device, you don’t have to worry about their safety because it works almost the same way as humans—safe, non-invasive, and drug-free. 

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