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Improving Your Bone Density Through PEMF Therapy Machines

In 1979, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy for non-union fractures. Since then, the device has been used for several purposes that benefit the health of both humans and animals. It has also become more beneficial in bone healing and improving bone density. In this article, let us focus on a PEMF therapy machine’s role in your bones’ health.

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What Is Bone Density?

Bone density is the amount of bone minerals that a specific bone volume contains. These minerals mostly include calcium and phosphorus, which helps identify a person’s bone health and whether or not they have osteoporosis or weak bones. 

Bone Densitometry

Having healthy bones is essential in living a normal and independent life, as it allows you to go from one place to another and have the strength to do daily tasks. That is why it is equally important to keep track of your bones’ health. 

Bone densitometry is a test used to measure how high or low an individual’s bone minerals are. It can help diagnose osteoporosis and identify your risk of having broken bones.  

In this test, the medical practitioner will compare a person’s bone mineral density and measure the differences in standard deviations (SDs). 

If the test result shows a score of 0, this means that the bone density measure is similar to a healthy one. If the number lowers to zero or a negative one, this poses a higher risk to a person’s bone health, which may lead to bone fractures and, worst, osteoporosis.  

According to the World Health Organization…

The World Health Organization provides levels to determine a normal or a healthy bone from a bone diagnosed with osteoporosis. A normal bone density is within 1 SD (+1 or -1) of the young adult.  

An individual with low bone mass has a bone density ranging from -1 to -2.5 SD. Further, a -2.5 SD is within the level of osteoporosis. Way lower than this could be a risk of severe or established osteoporosis.  

PEMF as Treatment for Bone Issues

Aside from allowing you to move, bones also protect the crucial organs in our body, such as the brain and the heart. There are various ways to keep your bones healthy—regular exercise, a healthy diet, calcium-rich food intake, and supplements, to name a few.  

In addition, research also shows that electromagnetic stimulation helps with bone recovery and formation.  

A 2019 study entitled Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on mandibular fracture healing: A randomized control trial concluded that the PEMF therapy ‘postoperatively’ enabled an increase in bone density for faster recovery.  

Moreover, PEMF therapy machines also induce microcurrents, which are already proven to stimulate osteoblasts, and ultimately strengthen your bones. 

How PEMF Therapy Impacts Your Bones: A Closer Look

With the goal of helping astronauts deal with muscle and bone loss, NASA experimented with PEMF therapy in the 1970s. By 1979, the FDA has approved the use of PEMF therapy for non-union fractures. 

Since then, PEMF therapy machines have been used for various applications for both humans and animals.  

There are now various ongoing studies to add to the research published, proving the positive effects of PEMF therapy machines and discovering other uses for these devices.  

With that, PEMF therapy is a practical decision if you want to recover from a fracture or protect your bones from unfortunate circumstances.

Recommended by Experts

It is common for massage therapists, chiropractors, and integrated doctors to recommend the use of PEMF machines to help improve a person’s bone and overall health. What’s good about this approach is it is non-drug and non-invasive, like other bone surgeries, which also involve anesthesia and taking medications. 

It is also crucial to bear in mind that your body has an existing energy flow, which is pivotal for functioning tissues and organs—PEMF uses your body’s energy to benefit you. 


Another reason that will make you consider PEMF therapy machines is that it stimulates angiogenesis. 

Angiogenesis is an important component in bone repair. According to a study, using PEMF stimulates angiogenesis and perfusion necessary in allowing new blood vessels to bring in oxygen and nutrients and then reach the injury site of your bone.

Have Stronger Bones with PEMF Therapy Machines

With 206 crucial bones that make up our entire skeletal system, we must take a step to help these become healthier. After all, we’re the ones who are going to benefit from healthy bones. And you can take care of your bones with PEMF.inc’s pulsed electromagnetic or PEMF therapy machines. 

These machines have been part of several clinical successes in years. Plus, we have international accreditations and certifications from the FDA, ISO, MDSAP, MDC, Health Canada, Australia and IEC. 

So, if you want to take a step closer to having healthier bones and improved overall health, feel free to call us at 0414644120 for our Australia office or +61-414644120 for our international office.