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Buyers Guide

This comprehensive PEMF buyer’s guide is intended to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to the most important questions you may have before purchasing a PEMF device for personal or professional use. We go through the important technical features of a quality machine.

PEMF Coils are the Speakers to PEMF system

Would you buy cheap speakers with a great sound system? Similarly, if you were a radio station owner, would you buy a cheap antenna to transmit your broadcast? No, you would not. The coils of a PEMF system are one of the most important components. Yet no company talks about it, let alone show you. Do they have something to hide? Yes, they do.

In this video we will explain why a PEMF machine needs large, high-quality coils to transmit the signals. We compare our copper coils to other brands.

Is the PEMF device safe to use?

The most basic and critical requirement for any PEMF device is product safety. International regulations define proof of safety, and a PEMF manufacturer must meet the following standards in order to legally market the device. Every PEMF manufacturer/supplier who makes health/medical claims must label their device with the official “CE” mark followed by four digits, i.e. CE 0123.

# Our iMRS PEMF machine has the electrical safety valid “CE” certification and is compliant for all countries.

Summary: If a manufacturer/supplier of a PEMF system for residential use omits or is unable to offer proof of safety certificates, including regulatory requirements, their product DOES NOT meet applicable legal safety standards. This in and of itself can pose incalculable risks to the user!


PEMF therapy provide many clinical studies confirming superior supportive efficiency when choosing a quality machine. PEMF systems mimicking the earth’s natural magnetic field strength are safe and can be used every day.

Whole-body applications at these earth-based intensities have been shown to be the most effective in activating the body’s own healing capacity.


Measuring intensity flux, is more important than testing intensity alone. Flux is the intensity times the area of the coil. Large coils in a body mat with sufficient intensity will immerse the body in pulsed electromagnetic fields. On the other hand, a device containing small, thin coils will not.

Small coils are not capable to send pulsed electromagnetic signals deep into the body. Have you seen a PEMF company showing the coils inside their machines? No, and do you know why? They don’t want you to see the cheap materials used in their device.

We are a transparent company with nothing to hide. We supply the best PEMF machine and let us show you. We have made an education video on PEMF intensity, comparing our brand to others.

Is the frequency of the electromagnetic field that is being applied critical to its effectiveness?

The “information content” of the applied pulsed electromagnetic field is defined as frequency (measured in Hertz = Hz). PEMF devices can emit very high frequencies (up to the high kilohertz = KHz range) as well as very low frequencies, similar to frequency (0-30 Hz). When it comes to evaluating existing clinical studies, the phrase “less is more” perfectly describes the best approach. Low carrier frequencies in the range of 0.1 to 30 Hz are abundant in nature (Schumann waves, 7.83 Hz, earth magnetic field carrier frequency, roughly 11.7 – 11.9 Hz) as well as in our brainwaves (Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta, between roughly 0.2 and 38 Hz). Low-frequency PEMF devices operate on the resonance principle, which describes the increased amplitude phenomenon that occurs when the frequency in the pulsed magnetic field is the same to or close to the natural frequency of the body.


The carrier frequencies used in the iMRS low-pulsed PEMF systems are within the natural range (0.1-30 Hz). This ensures a high resonance potential and, as a result, a much more effective reaction of the targeted area. At the same time, low frequencies have no noticeable thermal effect; exposed tissue does not become warm or even hot. The most effective PEMF systems for home use fall within the “natural frequency range” described above.

Is the waveform of the applied electromagnetic field important for its efficacy?

The waveform is another important parameter of a PEMF system. It shows the data transmission frequency of a pulsed magnetic field which can be seen on a graph. The sine wave is the most basic waveform here. To transmit 5Hz from the sender to the receiver using a simple sine wave, the wave’s cycle must be repeated 5 times per second in sequence. This waveform is technically simple to obtain, but it is extremely inefficient and time-consuming in transferring information from the sender to the receiver.

Surprisingly, the majority of available low-pulsed PEMF systems on the market continue to use simple sinewaves. Engineering, development, and manufacturing of such frequency generators are all very inexpensive, but they are also ineffective.

The square wave is a more complex waveform. A square wave alternates at a constant frequency between fixed minimum and maximum values, with the same duration at each. Square waves also produce odd harmonics, which are critical for increasing resonance effects. The targeted tissue’s immediate response rate is much higher due to its sharp rise and fall times.

The saw tooth wave form is the most complex wave form used in modern PEMF systems. Saw tooth waves have a constant rise and rapid fall time and produce all odd and even harmonics of their basic frequency. Because the primary goal of an effective home PEMF system is to target ALL cells in your body, the wave form is an extremely important parameter to be aware of. Some manufacturers promote “patented” wave forms that are not documented in standard physics. These waveforms are altered sine wave variations with scant independent clinical evidence to back them up. They are not considered publicly recognised scientific study designs because their published clinical studies are mostly performed by the company itself (industry-friendly), they are not considered publicly recognised scientific study designs.


PEMF devices with sine wave frequency generators are not only obsolete and inexpensive to produce, but they are also ineffective at producing the desired resonance effect. Using only one frequency at a time with slow rise and fall times inhibits and/or delays resonance with the majority of the body’s cells. Square waves have been scientifically proven to be extremely effective for localised, focused applications. To treat isolated body parts, modern PEMF devices use square wave signals. Currently, only a few manufacturers use the most valuable saw tooth patterns. For whole-body applications, the saw tooth wave is considered the gold standard. Its signal is ideal for using upper harmonics in both the even and uneven ranges, resulting in the greatest resonance effect on the body. Only two systems in the world have recently been capable of producing the extremely complex triple sawtooth pattern, which gradually increases the desired resonance effect!

IMRS PEMF machine from iMRSinternational, generates both wave forms, the triple saw tooth wave in the full body mat and the square wave in the pillow and spot applicator for specific body part treatments.

How do PEMF systems deliver an electromagnetic field from the applicator to the user?

Electric fields are generated by voltage differences: the higher the voltage, the stronger the resulting field. When an electric current flows through a conductor, magnetic fields are created. Manufacturers of modern PEMF systems employ various conductive design concepts.

The most basic and least expensive approach is to use flexible, insulated mesh wire coils in a variety of shapes and sizes (round, oval, square). Companies that use this concept typically advertise the benefit of easier transport handling because the applicators can be rolled. The main disadvantage of this concept is the inevitable spacing between consecutive, insulated windings, which distorts the magnetic field lines, resulting in an impure signal and, as a result, a lower inductive force and diminished health benefits to the user.

High-end PEMF devices only use pure, uninsulated, and solid copper coils, resulting in an uninterrupted signal structure and the greatest inductive force. Meaningful clinical study designs employ prototypes with copper coils, which are recognised to be the most effective (Reference: NASA study for stem cell growth).


The most important efficiency factor is without a doubt the transmission of an electromagnetic field to a living organism via applicators. Purity and inductive force are lacking in low-cost, insulated mesh-wire solutions. Applicators with integrated solid, uninsulated copper coils produce the purest magnetic field and the highest induction rate.

What does it mean when a system changes the polarity of an electromagnetic field?

Switching the signal polarity from North to South and vice versa is a critical feature of any cutting-edge PEMF system. Our organism has a tendency to adapt or habituate to external, simplified information, becoming literally “used to” or “tiresome” (i.e. static magnets or simple PEMF sine wave forms). As a result, the health benefits of PEMF machine may diminish over time, making the application less sustainable. A PEMF device’s polarity changes differ slightly from the North to South and polarity of a static magnet. PEMF applicators do not contain magnets, but rather, ideally, pure copper current loops that generate pulsed electromagnetic fields with a high frequency variation. As a result, switching polarity occurs whenever the current in the loop changes direction. This increased signal variety prevents the body from becoming fatigued by the same wave form.


The greater the complexity and variation of a PEMF signal, the lower the likelihood of unwanted habituation. Only PEMF systems with advanced waveforms and polarity changes can achieve this significant effect. Every 2 minutes, the polarity of the iMRS PEMF machine is switched.

What are the advantages of PEMF systems that include a biorhythm clock?

The existence and function of an internal “organ clock” in living organisms has been scientifically proven and recognised (Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017, Hall, Rosbash and Young: Discoveries of Molecular Mechanisms Controlling the Circadian Rhythm). At different times of the day, our bodies and brains, as well as planetary systems, change their frequencies. This has a significant impact on our wake/sleep cycles and energetic/tiredness phases throughout the 24 hour period. During the day, we “operate” on higher frequencies (brainwaves primarily in the high beta ranges), whereas at night and in the evening, we “operate” on lower frequencies (alpha = awake but relaxed, delta and theta = sleep/dream). This critical fact is taken into account by sophisticated PEMF systems, which automatically deliver the appropriate frequency ranges based on the time the application is performed. This feature is only available in a few PEMF devices, despite being a necessary requirement for achieving the best “biological” effect.


Changing the frequency of a PEMF application based on the time of day is a very important and rewarding feature. To take advantage of the organ-clock function, look for a device that has this useful feature. The iMRS has a built-in biorhythm clock that synchronises with the time set on the PEMF touch screen tablet.

Why is the PEMF body mat’s coil layout important?

The best holistic effect comes from exposing the entire human body (all 75 trillion cells) to an electromagnetic field via a whole-body mat. The optimum choice is a whole-body mat with pairs of conducting coils that gradually increase the magnetic field intensity from head to foot. This means the device should have three coil pairs, one each for the head/neck, hips/torso, legs/feet, and each side of the body.

To be more specific, the coils covering the upper body should expose a lower intensity (achieved by fewer windings in the coils), whereas the coils near the feet should expose a higher intensity (more windings in the coils). This is absolutely essential because, in comparison to our head and neck, which are the most sensitive body parts to electromagnetic fields, our legs and feet can withstand much higher intensity levels. For people who are chemically or magnetic field sensitive, lower intensity levels in the upper portion of a whole-body applicator are critical. Manufacturers of mesh wire mats claim that they provide a more uniform field (which they do), but at the expense of exposing both feet and head to the same intensity. This, in turn, may cause unpleasant reactions, particularly in people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic field energy!


Whole-body applicators are essential components of modern PEMF systems because they deliver the desired electromagnetic exposure to the entire body (= holistic effect). Premium PEMF systems are outfitted with six uninsulated, solid copper coils that are divided into three pairs, each with a different number of windings. As a result, the applied intensity levels are lower around the head/neck area and slightly increase towards the legs and feet. This natural approach allows for gentle and safe applications for people who are electrically and chemically sensitive.

What are the most important characteristics of local applicators?

Local PEMF applicators are intended to treat specific areas of the body. Applicator designs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Local applicators have higher intensity levels (magnetic flux) than whole body applicators.

Area applicators (pillows or pads) are designed to treat larger surfaces and are available in two varieties:

  1. A) A one-coil design (typically insulated mesh wire) that provides uniform field exposure.
  2. B) a two-coil design (typically uninsulated, solid copper coils) that provides field exposure with two distinct magnetic field hot spots. This design improves the chance of pinpointing the cause of an existing condition without knowing the exact location of the trigger.

Spot applicators (also known as intensive applicators) are used to treat very specific areas of the body. They usually have the highest intensity levels and come in two variations:

  1. A) a single-coil design (mesh wire or solid copper coils) that provides uniform field exposure
  2. B) a two-coil design (solid copper coils) that makes use of a very specific physical effect known as the “Helmholtz Coil” effect.

This spot applicator is made up of two conductive coils connected by an elastic band. The applicator can be wrapped around the treatment area, and because both coils are now facing each other along the same axis, the magnetic field becomes uniform, cancelling out any potentially disturbing magnetic fields within that region. Two-coil spot applicators are very effective and widely used in clinical settings to speed up bone and wound healing, relieve pain, and increase local blood circulation.


Local applicators are extra accessories that enhance the application scope of modern PEMF systems. A basic home PEMF system should include at least one area applicator (ideally two built-in solid copper coils). Leading brands also provide two coil spot applicators, which broadens the application spectrum and improves treatment success.

Do I need to be an expert to operate a PEMF system?

During the development process, reputable and well-known manufacturers of modern PEMF systems for home use devote a significant amount of time, thought, and knowledge to usability and user-friendliness. Although several critical parameters must be pre-adjusted prior to running an application, the most modern devices now include so-called “Fast Start Programs.” By pressing a single button, desired effects such as sleep improvement, regeneration, activation, relaxation, balance, performance, and so on can be selected, and the system will deliver all pre-programmed parameters for all applicators accordingly. Furthermore, these devices include a database of PEMF applications gathered from clinical trials as well as extensive user feedback. It offers a tailored protocol for specific effects. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures application safety.


PEMF machines with Fast Start Programs not only ensure ease of use and safety for home users, but they also improve results by utilising pre-selected, proven protocols. Individual support is provided by leading PEMF brands, who provide first-rate customer service and an assigned contact person you can talk to pemf.inc is contactable for phone support 7 days a week.

Are there any PEMF systems available on the market that are capable of offering updates, upgrades, and further technology developments?

The market for PEMF home systems can be divided into two categories:

  1. A) Systems with a fixed operation structure and a final product design. These systems are built and programmed for a specific purpose. They cannot be updated or upgraded, and they do not support additional accessory development or expandability.
  2. B) Systems with an integrated, processor-based hardware structure, a development operating system, and tools for future enhancements (hard and software). These systems are intended to provide users with regular improvement-based updates and upgrades, as well as additional application possibilities.

As a result, investing in newer, more up-to-date systems is no longer necessary. A certified PEMF home device’s operational life span can easily exceed ten years, according to statistics. Good care, based on the design, should eliminate the need for any additional maintenance. It is therefore critical to thoroughly investigate which systems provide the greatest benefit to the user, not only in terms of efficiency and usability, but also in terms of their ability to support the most recent, advanced version.


The new benchmark for high tech PEMF devices has a digital operating system that can be updated, upgraded, and added accessories. With the long-life expectancy of our PEMF system, it makes sense to choose a system that can be updated and upgraded, as well as expanded in functionality and applications with the latest research protocols and technology in the PEMF machine you buy. You can do this with our iMRS system from iMRSinternational.

Is the PEMF device capable of combining other therapy modalities?

Leading PEMF companies have already started to utilize complementary and valuable applications in their systems to provide a multimodality, treatment strategies, due to the increasing development of digital technology. Cutting edge processor controlled PEMF systems with a comprehensive operating system are capable of controlling and applying additional therapy methods within and outside of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as light, sound, and colour therapy as well as far infrared technology.

Regular PEMF treatments are typically administered while lying comfortably on a whole-body mat. Innovative inventions now allow for the combination of far infrared therapy and brainwave entrainment in a single application. This method not only saves the user time, but it also improves and optimises the desired recovery processes and health benefits.

The described modalities are typically available as options and can be easily plugged into the system, controlled by the control unit’s operating surface. Finally, it saves a significant amount of money when compared to purchasing similar therapeutic devices separately.


Always look into the latest generation of digital PEMF systems, which have the added benefit of allowing you to combine pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with other modality applications. This method will improve the therapeutic effect while obtaining the best financial outcome.

When dealing with a reputable PEMF company, what sort of service and support can I expect?

On the global market, there are two existing distribution channels for home use PEMF systems:

  1. A) Platforms for online shopping (either exclusive supplier websites or through existing online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, eBay etc.)
  2. B) Through the respective manufacturer’s independent and certified company distributors.

Buying a PEMF system online may seem like a convenient and modern option, but keep in mind that a flashy website enticing with all kinds of claims and promises does not always imply a competitive, legal product, nor dependable customer-oriented professional service and support. The decision to purchase a comprehensive PEMF system for home use is a significant investment that necessitates expert advice. However, the assurance of an established, well-known manufacturer should always take precedence over price when purchasing a device.

Another important criterion is the availability of personal assistance, a service that is only provided by companies that understand the responsibility that comes with their product. You should be able to get answers from first-rate customer service and/or a contact person.

This assurance can be obtained by purchasing a PEMF system from an independent, certified manufacturer’s representative in your area. Your assigned representative is also your “first responder” in the event of a manufacturer-related product issue or service requirement. They also give you real contact information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, rather than just email addresses or contact forms.


Buying a PEMF system for home use is a considerable investment that requires personal consultation as well as proper support – before, during, and after the sale.

Don’t be taken in by tricky, promising websites without first seeking professional advice from a competent specialist who represents a well-known legal manufacturer with a global presence. Every customer should be able to talk to a company that is willing to give them their real names, faces, and phone numbers.

Is it possible to analyse and evaluate the direct effect of a PEMF treatment?

Only a few modern PEMF systems are outfitted with intelligent monitoring and analysing technology able to measure physiological functions during treatment. Specialised sensors detect and reflect the body’s own biofeedback, providing useful data. Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which can be efficiently evaluated using a pulse rate monitor, is the most effective, and medically recognised form of biofeedback. HRV results give a “snapshot” of the autonomic nervous system every 2 minutes. The PEMF device can adjust the field intensity based on the HRV response during the PEMF treatment, resulting in a tailor-made therapy session. Furthermore, the captured HRV data can be downloaded for further evaluation in a software feature from the iMRS digital PEMF system.


Using a PEMF machine with a Heart rate variability analysis system is an excellent way to monitor and evaluate physiological responses during a PEMF application. This technology is beneficial when it can adjust magnetic field intensities to the client accordingly every 2 minutes when checking their HRV. Our machine from pemf.inc can do this.

At PEMF.inc we believe we are offering you the best PEMF machines in the world. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and if you have any questions, please contact us ands will we be happy to help you.