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PEMF Machine for Dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend—as they would put it. That is why those who have pets in their homes make sure that their furry buddies are healthy and happy by taking good care of them and letting them feel that they are loved.   

Did you know that a PEMF machine is for dogs, too?    

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine provides numerous benefits, not just for humans but also for animals. Therefore, many pet lovers go to clinics providing PEMF therapy or let their dogs use the machines they bought or rent from us. This article revolves around the health benefits of PEMF therapy machines for dogs.

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

PEMF pain relief for dogs

Animals aren’t any different to humans when it comes to pain. Dogs also experience physical pain as much as we do. The difference is that they couldn’t directly tell us which part of their bodies are hurting and the possible causes of such.  

There are several reasons dogs can feel pain or discomfort, such as  

  • infections;  
  • arthritis;  
  • wounds;  
  • bone disease;  
  • injuries;  
  • dental problems; and  
  • cancer.  

Regardless, you won’t be left clueless if your dogs are in pain because they manifest physical symptoms. There may be changes in how they carry themselves, as well as their behaviour.  

Should you find out that your dogs are in pain, you can use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines to help them manage the discomfort. Just like humans, dogs also experience pain if there are damaged tissues or organs in their bodies. PEMF therapy machines target all the cells and assist the low-charged cells like a battery charger, therefore a decrease in the pain they are experiencing.

Alternative Therapy for Arthritis

One of the most common health issues that cause pain to dogs is arthritis. It is the inflammation of the joints because the cartilage has been changed or damaged leaving the bones in the joints being rubbed together. This can be very painful, especially when your dog is always on the move. 

There may be clear signs that will help you tell if your dog has arthritis. This includes their unwillingness to exercise, licking at joints, and slowing mobility. In most cases, veterinarians can detect specific joints that cause pain to your pets. With that, you’ll know the areas to target to help your pets manage their pain. 

Studies show that PEMF therapy helps provide long and lasting relief to the symptoms of arthritis. As long as you use the right PEMF therapy machine that will target their joints, the benefits of a PEMF machine for dogs won’t be temporary.

Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Another type of health condition that dogs may experience in their lifetime is hip dysplasia. It is a skeletal condition wherein the dog’s hip sockets, and balls don’t fit with each other, or there are problems with its development. In short, the hip socket doesn’t envelop the hip ball completely. When this happens, the joints won’t slide smoothly, causing discomfort to your dogs.  

Hip dysplasia is common in large dogs or those who have giant breeds. However, smaller ones aren’t safe from acquiring this condition. Some factors that may affect a dog’s hips are the following: 

  • Genetics 
  • Exercise 
  • Growth rate 
  • Weight 
  • Nutrient intake 

A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine can be a supplementary medical device that will help your dogs deal with hip dysplasia. This FDA-approved modality may assist in the reduction of inflammation and swelling. 

Veterinarians who have studied the benefits of PEMF therapy machines for dogs have found out that this type of therapy has the same effects on dogs as it has on humans. Therefore, it also helps repair a dog’s damaged cells, which will ultimately assist in the treatment of hip dysplasia. Plus, you won’t have to force your dogs to use PEMF therapy devices because they have relaxing properties. Thus, it will be easier for you to have your pets lay down on the mat. 

Increased Energy Levels

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines aren’t just for the natural pain relief of dogs and helping them deal with various health conditions. Your beloved pet can also use PEMF therapy devices even if they are healthy and well. It helps them maintain optimal health therefore lessens the impact of any diseases. 

In addition, it also helps increase their energy levels (because we know how dogs love to play and have fun). While laying on a mat makes them feel relaxed, they will then have newfound energy and endurance. Eventually, this will make them happy, and you can take them on long walks or have fun at the park.

Questions You May Have

What are the factors to look for when buying a PEMF therapy machine for my dogs? 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines can provide health benefits to humans and animals. PEMF machines comes in different types and features. Therefore, you have to choose the right one. We suggest that you use the PEMF mat or pillow pad applicator with low intensity so that your dogs will be comfortable during each session.  

How long should I let my dog use the PEMF therapy machine? 

The length of the PEMF therapy sessions for your dogs will depend on the health condition they have and the intensity of the pulses. Usually, sick dogs will need to have PEMF therapy for about 10 to 15 minutes per day. 

What results should I expect? 

Aside from the benefits mentioned beforehand, you can also expect to see positive changes in your dogs after using PEMF.inc’s PEMF therapy machines. The advantages may include the following: 

  • Increased mobility 
  • More active 
  • Healing injuries 

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