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Can Anyone Get PEMF Therapy in Sydney?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers various health benefits to people of different ages. Moreover, many people in all walks of life have experienced its advantages. Therefore, a living proof that the PEMF machines we offer are a safe and an effective modality for you and your family.  

If you’re planning to get PEMF therapy in Sydney, there’s nothing else you can trust than PEMF.inc. You can use our machines for a variety of purposes, even for your pets! Learn more about it in this blog. 

Who Can Benefit from PEMF Therapy?

Listed below are the specific individuals who may need PEMF therapy in their daily lives: 


The rigorous physical activity of an athlete does not only begin as they compete with the strongest, bravest, and fastest humans in the world. To beat such strong competitors, they need to train and work hard for months and even years.  

According to an article in Forbes, Olympians invest four to eight years of their life in training so they can be a part of the Olympics team. Along with this intensive training is the exertion of physical force, which may result in exhaustion, pain, injuries, and inflammation.

So, how can pulsed electromagnetic field therapy help these athletes?

One of the properties of PEMF is that it works with the body’s natural electric charges that will help heal damaged cells and tissues due to strenuous activities. Therefore, it will aid in reducing the lactic acid in muscles and relieve soreness.  

The use of PEMF therapy enables athletes to recover more quickly from injuries and boost their energy so that they can improve their performance and eventually reach their goals. 

On the iMRS tablet, there is a Fast Start feature that is programmed in the PEMF device. There is a Performance setting that you can use before sporting events and a Relaxation setting, which you can use after undergoing a physically draining activity or an intense workout. With these programs, athletes can use the machine very easily. 


Most of us think that it’s normal and okay to feel weak when we get old or having osteoporosis or osteoarthritis is just a fact of life. For this reason, many would just ignore this condition and accept their fate. But what if these conditions make you enjoy life a little less? Would you not do anything about it? 

Luckily, PEMF therapy has features that will significantly benefit senior citizens. Its benefits include the following: 

  1. Stimulates the cells which help with energy for daily tasks 
  2. Improves mobility to move because of pain reduction in the body
  3. Aids in blood circulation and regenerates damaged blood vessels 
  4. Helps in arthritis treatment because of reduced pain 
  5. Enables seniors to manage their pain with a proven natural therapy 
  6. Assist in wellbeing with relaxation therefore sleep improvement 
  7. Strengthen bones and reduce the time needed to heal fractures 

So, if you or your loved one wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it would be best to give PEMF therapy in Sydney a try. You are free to reach out to PEMF.inc anytime through our Contact Page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


The senior citizens aren’t the only ones who can receive great benefits from PEMF therapy but children and teenagers as well. While its use is mostly focused on adults because they feel their aches and pain after a certain age, the younger generation can use PEMF too. PEMF therapy for your children or teenagers can be used in various ways; two of them are: 

  1. Pain Relief for Physical Injury: We know how children can be so enthusiastic and physically active. These youngsters typically want to play outside, which may result in injuries when they stumble or fall. While you can apply ointments and let them take medication, PEMF therapy can help them recover more quickly and lessen the pain they are feeling. 
  2. Relaxation when Emotionally Distressed: You may not believe it, but children and teenagers can experience emotional distress at a very young age. This may be due to several factors, such as the loss of a loved one, divorce of parents, or exams at school. PEMF therapy can help these children achieve calmness as the machine makes them feel relaxed and settled. 

Patients Under Post-Operative Care

You may presume that patients can go back to their normal and active lives after surgery. But the truth is, they still need to be careful with their bodies and make sure that they are protected from harm. Aside from that, they may also feel pain due to the procedure they had.  

With PEMF therapy, these patients can speed up their healing process since the pulsed electromagnetic fields the body receives can help stimulate cells. Studies show that different types of PEMF technologies have proven their efficacy in being a supplementary treatment for delayed nonunion fractures, chronic wounds, and post-operative pain. 


In case you’re still wondering—PEMF therapy is beneficial for you! Whether you are suffering from chronic pain and you want a modality that will help you deal with discomfort, or you just want to promote wellness, you can use our PEMF therapy machines on a regular basis. 

How long does it take for you to experience the results of PEMF therapy?

If you are suffering from a particular health condition, you can experience noticable results within 1 to 3 weeks as long as you follow the required usage of the machine. However, that will vary, depending on the severity of your issue. Acute conditions may gain faster results, and chronic conditions may take longer. 

PEMF.inc, Provider of PEMF Therapy Machines You Can Use

If you are on the lookout for PEMF therapy in Sydney, PEMF.inc offers different types of PEMF machines that you can rent, try or buy. We have PEMF mats for the whole body and smaller applicators to focus on the hands, knees, feet and back. Not just that! We also have other PEMF accessories, such as a Biofeedback device, which monitors the heart variability with each treatment and a light & sound device for added relaxation. Just call us on 0414644120 for customers in Australia. And if you’re anywhere else in the world, feel free to contact + 61-414644120.