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Being drained from rigorous activities or conventional ageing consumes the body’s strength more. But with the aid of a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device, the affected areas are targeted. Hence, through the stimulation of appropriate frequencies for the body, the natural process of the body cells is healthily recovered.   

PEMF.inc gives our utmost pleasure in helping our customers improve their health and wellness through our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine. Their stories are our foundation.  

Here are some of their inspiring testimonials

Spinal Injury

Top rally car driver quickly recovers from a spinal injury after using the iMRS PEMF machine. 

“The consultants couldn’t believe the results of the eight weeks post-injury that I was fully healed and ready to go back…”  

Our customer who tried using an electromagnetic pulse therapy device is now getting back to his activities. Therefore, important events of his life are not missed. 

Tinnitus – Lowering The Noise

Great results for lowering the noise of tinnitus. 

“…then he gave me another session on the mat and I noticed later my tinnitus has gone down dramatically…” 

The results leave our customers in awe of the speedup healing process.  


Her pain made her cry 

“…but this morning, she got up out and she walked! You think what’s happening there?”  

People who saw the agony of our customer were blown away after seeing her move normally again. The great change for ending the years of suffering rejoices the users’ hearts.

Prostate Support

Frequent urination & pain 

“…all the pain was gone and I slept through the night…” 

The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device is highly recommended by our customers.

We Substantially Give Commendable Satisfaction to Our Customers

Here at PEMF.inc, our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices are proven and tested by numerous attestations from our customers. Through an advised number of treatments, we make sure it enhances your well-being. We understand your body pain. And we are here to alleviate it. 

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