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7 Reasons PEMF Rental Can Be the Best Choice

pemf rental

The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine has garnered much of its popularity due to its efficacy in promoting healing and wellness. If you’re one of those people who are curious about the benefits of PEMF therapy, you may have thought about PEMF rental or purchase. 

If you’re still thinking twice about buying the product, then renting it is the best choice for now. Here are seven reasons why.

1. Cost-Effective

PEMF rentals are cost-effective if you won’t have to use them for a long time. This way, you’ll only pay substantially less than buying a machine outright. Then you can always rent the machine again should you need to use it for your health.  

2. Allows You to Try the Machine

There are different types of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines – PEMF mats, therapy chairs and beds, wearable devices, and applicator pads. Many cheap made in China brands may not  bring a positive effect to your health, so it is best to try a device before buying.  

Availing yourself of a PEMF machine for rent means you can enjoy the benefits of a specific quality device, especially when you’re only planning to use it for a short period. This way, you can try another unit if your preferences or needs change. 

At PEMF.inc, we offer PEMF therapy machines for rent, so you can try them before you buy. In doing so, you’ll know which type of device will best suit your condition or needs. 

3. Convenient

If you choose to rent a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine at PEMF.Inc, we offer various arrangements to bring the device to your home or clinic.  

You have the option to pick up the PEMF therapy device from one of our wellness centres if you live nearby. Alternatively, we can arrange a delivery for you in Australia or a post if required.  

Once you have the machine in your home, you can have your family and friends use it.  

4. Doesn’t Require Maintenance

Like any other type of machine, a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine needs maintenance for it to work in its optimal condition. It also allows the device to last as long as possible without affecting its performance when used. 

Our PEMF medical device machines requires no maintenance. A software update to make sure you are using the latest PEMF technology is continually updated on our end.  

When renting the machines, all you have to do is use them carefully, and we will take care of their upkeep to ensure that it is in good working condition. All of the training on how to use our machines are on our website under the link called PEMF training.  

5. Offers Access to the Latest Technology

Technology has constantly been evolving over the past few years. As such, we can presume that PEMF therapy machines will also develop, and experts can introduce more features which will help improve our health and lifestyle. 

Renting a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine grants you access to the latest PEMF technology developed without needing to purchase it. Therefore, you can just rent the newest machine available, which will best suit your needs. 

6. No Long-Term Commitment

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines that are made in German, cost more than a low tech brand made in China. Quality machines are definitely worth your money when they can last 10, 15 to 20 years of use. 

However, we also understand that not everyone is ready to make a commitment to purchase the machine right then and there. Another benefit of PEMF rental is it does not bind the user to a long-term commitment. Hence, you can discover the type of PEMF therapy machine that’s right for you, and you can always return the device if you don’t want to buy it. 

7. Flexibility

Essentially, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy rental offers flexibility to the users. You can rent the machine of your choice anytime. Plus, you have the freedom to choose the duration of your rental.  

PEMF Machine for Rent Details

iMRS Professional System – $150 per Week  

  • Control Unit  
  • Three (3) Applicators  
  • Full Body Mat   
  • Pillow Pad Applicator  

iMRS Prime Hybrid with Far Infrared – $200 per Week  

  • Touch Control Panel   
  • Full Body Mat   
  • Combines both PEMF and Far Infrared   
  • Pillow Applicator   
  • Spot Applicator  

Go to https://pemf.inc/imrs-rental/ to learn more about our PEMF machines for rent.  

Planning to Rent a PEMF Machine? Call Us Now!

At PEMF.Inc, we let you try our machine before you buy with our PEMF rental arrangement. With this, you can familiarise yourself with the features and benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines. 

We also extend help via email, phone, or on-site to guide you along the process of setting up the machines you rent, which enables you to make the most out of the machine. Feel free to call us at 0414644120 for our Australia office or +61-414644120 for international customers to learn more about our PEMF rental services.