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Debunking Common Myths About PEMF Therapy Machines

There have been a lot of controversies facing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) therapy machines, making people think twice about trying the device. But is there some truth behind them, or are they purely hearsays? If you’re one of those people who are about to give PEMF therapy machines a try, yet you’re still skeptical about these devices, this blog is for you.

PEMF Therapy Machines Myths: Debunked!

Myth #1: High-Intensity PEMFs Are Harmful

Reality: Research shows that the use of high-intensity PEMF therapy machines can help provide solutions to a wide range of problems. These FDA-approved treatments have been used to facilitate the treatment of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.  

Myth #2: Low-Intensity PEMFs Don’t Work

Reality: Contrary to myth #1, some people were made to believe that only high-intensity PEMF therapy devices work. The reason being is that they thought the pulses and power of low-intensity machines aren’t strong enough to reach the cells inside the body.

However, low-intensity PEMF therapy machines send out resonating pulses to the body, which will foster a homeopathic approach to treatment. Therefore, they work in harmony with the natural strength and forces of the body. There are more research studies showing positive benefits to the human body with low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields compared to high intensity pulse electromagnetic fields machines. This is also confirmed by the 4-year NASA study.

Myth #3: Earth-Based Frequencies Are the Only Ones You Should Use

Reality: Remember, the Earth’s innate frequencies vary. So, when manufacturers claim that only their systems work because they use “Earth-based” frequencies, they need to be more specific.

Yes, low-intensity PEMF therapy machines come with a replication of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Therefore, this specific feature is best for regular use. Regardless, research showed that machines with frequencies that go beyond the Earth’s natural magnetic fields still produced positive results when used for different conditions. For weekly use, high intensity PEMF machines will be ok, but long term daily PEMF treatments, for example personal users treating themselves at home, low intensity machines are more suitable.

Myth #4: You Need Biofeedback to Get Good Results from PEMF Therapy

Reality: Individuals respond to PEMF therapy differently. That is why it would be more beneficial if a PEMF therapy machine offers many machine settings. With this, the user can choose an option that will work best on their body, low for relaxation, higher for pain relief. While Biofeedback enhances your PEMF therapy experience, it is not a necessary component of your device. However, a Biofeedback sensor attached to the finger with the iMRS, can monitor the client’s heart variability and will send the magnetic pulse intensity accordingly. That way a person will never get used to or habituate to the pulsed electromagnetic fields. 

PEMF.inc offers the one and only 6D PEMF wellness system that, aside from PEMF, also includes far infrared, light, colour, sound, (brain entrainment), and BioFeedback. With all these properties, you can get optimal PEMF therapy experience. 

Myth #5: You Have to Limit Your Use of the PEMF Therapy Machine

Reality: Some people say that you are limited to eight minutes when using the PEMF therapy machine, while others claim that you can only apply PEMF on a specific period. However, the duration of your sessions will largely depend on your needs, the intensity applied, and the frequency level of the machine. And you don’t have to worry about its effects because PEMF therapy machines are safe to use.  

Myth #6: Only One PEMF System Can Improve Circulation

Reality: Several manufacturers claim that the PEMF therapy machine they offer is the only one that works for circulation due to specific features. But studies show that ALL PEMFs can help improve circulation. But choose a quality machine with the copper coils inside the mat that are large enough in diameter, so the PEMF frequencies go into the body.  

So, if you want to see a holistic improvement, we recommend that you use a PEMF therapy mat. But if you have health conditions that specifically target an area of your body, it would be best to try PEMF applicator pads or PEMF spot applicators. The best protocol for a PEMF treatment is to combine them all. Use the whole-body mat first, then do the spot treatments on the limbs using the pad and spot applicators afterwards. Check out the different types of PEMF therapy machines you can rent or buy.

Myth #7: It Is Not Safe to Combine PEMF Therapy with Other Treatments

Reality: Studies show that PEMF therapy is a good supplement to all other forms of modalities and therapies. Therefore, PEMFs can help speed up the healing process and improve the benefits of these treatments.

Remember, some health conditions need more than one approach to achieve healing. This way, its development will be more immediate, and the symptoms that the patient is suffering from will lessen.  

The same is true for people who want to maintain an optimal health condition. It is not enough that you eat healthy meals. One must also do regular exercise, get enough sleep, and even manage their emotions. Using PEMF therapy machines can be beneficial, too, as it is not just for people with medical conditions.

Myth #8: PEMF Therapy Is Harmful

Reality: PEMF therapy is harmful—the myth that summarises the worries of individuals about this type of therapy. However, the use of PEMF therapy dates back hundreds of years ago when the German doctor Franz Anton Mesmer used it to help improve mental conditions. Since then, PEMF therapy has yielded positive results with over 10,000 clinical studies.

PEMF therapy has also been approved by the FDA as part of treatment for nonunion fractures in 1979. Then in 1998, it gained approval for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation. Aside from the benefits it brings to our physical health, PEMF therapy was also recognised as a supplement for anxiety and depression treatment. 

Be Safe, Be Informed

We understand that people always have to be wary about the medicines they take and the therapies they use to improve their body functions. That is why we strive to constantly provide you with articles that will fill in the gaps and answer your questions about PEMF therapy machines. If in doubt, we highly suggest that you browse our website or contact us directly at 0414644120 for Australia or +61-414644120 for international clients.