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A Buyer's Guide to PEMF Machines in Australia

Purchasing a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) machine in Australia is a big and, sometimes, long-term investment. That is why you have to make sure that you choose the machine that will suit your needs at the right price. In this article, we will provide you with everything you have to know before buying a PEMF therapy machine in Australia.

PEMF Machines Australia

High-Intensity vs Low-Intensity PEMF Therapy Machine

Experts and manufacturers have been in a seemingly unending battle about which one between high-intensity and low-intensity PEMF therapy machines is more effective in promoting wellness to humans and animals.  

Some claim that their devices are the only ones that work or that it is better to use PEMF therapy machines with high intensity. Who’s telling the truth, and who’s not? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

A Myth: High-Intensity PEMF Therapy Machines Are the Only Ones That Work

The short explanation: PEMF therapy machines work whether they are programmed to have high or low intensity. 

However, some devices have exceedingly high intensities that even reach up to 2 Teslas or 2,000,000 Microteslas. Meanwhile, the Earth’s natural strength of field ranges between 33-66 Microteslas only. When you compare the two, it is evident that these machines have unnatural strength that may disrupt the body’s natural processes.  

High-intensity PEMF therapy machines release strong electromagnetic field pulses in just a split second. With this, some people will feel irritation on the spot the PEMF device targets. Regardless, the field it sends out to the body still contains good frequencies.

Understanding Allopathy

Allopathy is the treatment of health conditions and illnesses through conventional methods, such as medicines, surgery, radiation, and other procedures. Its goal is to suppress the symptoms of the disease, which will ultimately heal the patient. 

Nevertheless, this approach may be harmful to humans, especially when the body couldn’t take that much intensity from the medical procedure. Moreover, it may also override and disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal itself, which may cause problems in the long run. 

For this reason, you have to consult a health professional before buying or using a PEMF therapy machine with high intensity. These people help you make sure that the process will be safe for you.

Lie Debunked: Low-Intensity Machines Aren’t Effective

You may have read or heard from various resources that low-intensity PEMF machines don’t do anything to your body because the pulses are not strong enough to reach the tissues and cells of the body. 

However, studies show that low-intensity machines work since they send out resonating pulses to the targeted area. Aside from that, this type of machine, like our Omnium 1 PEMF mat, works in harmony with the body and helps enhance its natural ability to heal itself.

The Homeopathic Approach

As previously mentioned, low-intensity PEMF therapy machines harmonise with the body’s natural field of force, making them a safer and non-disruptive option for promoting wellness. And this is what homeopathy is all about. When you are experiencing a particular health condition, the homeopathic approach maps out the symptoms the disease manifests and provides a remedy to lessen them.

Different Types of PEMF Machines for Your Specific Needs

Although all versions of PEMF machines work, it comes in various sizes and forms that directly target a specific area in your body. Some examples are as follows:

  1. PEMF Mats – PEMF therapy mats are large enough to cover your entire body, which helps relieve back pain and provide heightened physical wellness. If you want to experience the benefits of PEMF mats, you can avail of our iMRS Omnium 1. 
  2. PEMF Therapy Bed – Similar to PEMF mats, it targets your whole body and may improve your overall health; but PEMF therapy beds come with a bed-like structure.
  3. Seat Cushion – You can use this type of PEMF machine when driving or when you want to sit down and read your favorite novels or magazines.
  4. Applicator Pads – While applicator pads are smaller than mats, they provide the same benefits to the body. however, you have to apply it in a specific area you want to target.

Accreditations and Certifications

One way to make sure that the PEMF machine you are about to buy is safe and effective is to take a look at its accreditations and certifications. iMRS International provides you with PEMF therapy machines that are accredited and certified by the following: 

  1. Food and Drug Administration 
  2. International Organization for Standardization
  3. Medical Device Single Audit Program
  4. Medical Device Certification
  5. Health Canada
  6. International Electrotechnical Commission

Should You Rent or Should You Buy?

Some companies offering PEMF machines in Australia give their clients the option to rent or buy their products. At PEMF.inc, we also offer the same thing for you. If you want to try our products before purchasing them, you can rent them with rental rates starting at $150 per week. 

Renting is also a good option for those who only wish to use the machine for a defined period (e.g., post-operative recovery) or can’t afford to purchase the device at the moment.  

Check our Rental Page for more information about our rental terms and conditions. 

On the other hand, it is best to buy a PEMF therapy machine when you are ready to invest in your wellness and use it regularly to maintain or improve your health.

Choose Wellness, Choose PEMF.inc!

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