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NASA Research


In the fields of regenerative medicine and pain treatment, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy has become a phenomenon. As of now, PEMF is playing an active role in helping to improve pain and health conditions across the world. Professional athletes all over the world are actively using PEMF therapy.

NASA conducted a 4-year long thorough research study which found PEMF to be more effective than static magnets, lasers, LEDs and other regular forms of signals, traditionally used for repairing damaged tissues.

As part of this extensive study, more than 35,000 experiments had been conducted. Of which, 2,500 were placebo-controlled experiments. A significant number of double-blind studies were conducted too. The majority of these tests came positive in terms of the effectiveness of PEMF for wellbeing and human health using low intensity and low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields.

PEMF Therapy Machine - NASA
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PEMF Therapy Reseach

In the process, it has become the most intensely researched scientific study in the field of energy medicine. As expected, the FDA and other international prominent quality control authorities have authorized the use of PEMF to help improve physical pain and other relevant health conditions.  

The Soviet Union was the first country to have conducted research on PEMF to tap into its huge potentials in dealing with negative effects following reduced magnetic exposure during spaceflights. This is necessary to remember that the surface of our planet and outer space are totally different. In order to handle low magnetic field strength in space, NASA and the Russian space programs still use magnetic field generators in their space-bound equipment to emulate the earth’s magnetic field.

Before scientists discovered the importance of magnetic fields, cosmonauts and astronauts were facing a huge health risk in the form of depleted energy and strength. They were very sick when they would return to earth after completing their tours, owing to a major loss in bone density and muscle deterioration. Apparently, it is impossible to separate the human body from earth’s magnetic field without conceding major physical deterioration.     

PEMF Therapy Potentials

Since 1960 NASA launched ongoing research to find out the physiologic outcomes of PEMF. Today, the research on PEMF therapy has been extended to many health conditions, with an emphasis on wellness and longevity. 

In the last fifty years, the topic of PEMF has been studied extensively by a range of scientists. This led to the publishing of thousands of papers explaining the potential of PEMF. The earth produces a geomagnetic field from its rotation and molten core. Solar flares and lightning strikes contributes to the Schumann frequency in our ionosphere. Our ionosphere emits a very low frequency similar to the Schumann frequency. All life forms on earth have developed in an environment that reflects that of the Schumann frequency.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Research

Dr. Thomas Goodwin

Dr. Thomas Goodwin of NASA invented an artificial magnetic field generator aimed at treating tissues in mammals. In 2009, this device was patented.

When it comes to magnets, there are two varieties. One category includes the pulsed magnetic field generators, while the other includes static magnets. From our basic science study, we already know that electricity is all about the movement of electrons. However, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is more like gravity. Just like gravity, it affects all of our body cells that come within PEMF’s frequency.   

The latest research found positive results in treating inflammation with PEMF. PEMF affects the cellular membrane and cellular physiology positively. This means it can deliver overall health benefits to all.

Today, the research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has been broadened due to the direct impact on our body cells. The use of PEMF can be a milestone in improving conditions like inflammation, pain, and oxidative damage. PEMF therapy has the potential in speeding up tissue regeneration and circulation.

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