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5 Reasons to Rent an Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Machine

One of our primary responsibilities as humans is to take care of our bodies. A healthy body enables us to complete daily activities, establish a strong relationship with our loved ones, and live a happy life. However, many people think that achieving a healthy lifestyle by buying healthy food or an electromagnetic pulse therapy machine is costly. 

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Machine in Australia

According to Research...

Six out of 10 people in the United States claim that living a healthy life is too expensive. This gives us an idea of why most people opt to be lenient when it comes to their diet and exercise. Moreover, an article from People states that the expenses in trying to be healthy are too high for approximately 68% of those who live in the cities. But one must consider not taking care of  oneself now, may lead to more time and money spent on prescriptions, visiting doctors, and hospital surgeries later on in life. 

Although our health should be our topmost priority, there are barriers that block us from achieving wellness. But the costs would not be a major problem if you avail of PEMF.inc’s PEMF machines for rent. 

So, Why Should You Rent?

Has Lesser Costs

While we encourage our customers to purchase their own PEMF therapy machine, we also give you the freedom to rent our units. We allow you to use the device without worrying about the expenses of buying it.  

And we won’t rush you to purchase. We’ll wait until you’re financially ready to buy one for you, your patients, pets, or your family. Until then, you can always rent a PEMF therapy machine from us. 

Allows You to Try the Machine before You Buy

An electromagnetic pulse therapy machine comes with numerous benefits not just for humans but also for animals. It helps lessen the pain the user is feeling. Moreover, the resonating pulses of low-intensity machines stimulate the cells, which assists the body in its natural recovery process. 

You may also read what other people have to say about the benefits a PEMF therapy machine has brought to their life. In addition to that, there are various documents and research highlighting the positive effects of the said device. 

But if you’re still not convinced of the advantages it brings to your body, and you’re thinking twice if it’s worth buying a PEMF therapy machine, you can just rent it first before you purchase. It allows you to personally experience the advantages of using this device without being tied to a long-term financial commitment. 

Gives You More Time to Decide

As you probably know by now, a PEMF therapy machine has different types, such as: 

  • Mats – A mat sends bursts of electromagnetic fields to your entire body, helping you increase physical and mental wellness. With a mat, all you have to do is place it on a flat surface, lie down, and relax. 
  • Seat Cushion – If you don’t want to lie down, you can also avail of a seat cushion. A seat cushion PEMF therapy machine enables you to sit down and do some activities like reading your favorite book while relaxing. Another advantage of this type of machine is you can use it while driving because it is designed to fit car seats. The Omnium1 PEMF device for sale on our website is suitable to use while driving a car or truck as it is portable and rechargeable. 
  • Applicator Pad – If you’re looking for something portable, a therapy mat with portable applicators has benefits. You can use the machine applicators’ by placing it in the area of your body where you feel pain, discomfort, or soreness.  

Now that you know the different types of PEMF therapy machines and their respective advantages and uses, have you determined what you need? If not, you may try our machines by renting them until you can decide which one will best suit your preferences and what your body requires. 

You Don’t Want to Own an Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Machine

Using a PEMF therapy machine on a regular basis helps you achieve wellness. But if you think that you’ll only need it for a short period, you can rent one instead of purchasing it. This arrangement is specifically helpful for those who are under post-operative recovery and wishes to return the machine after full recovery. 

Enables You to Experience Its Benefits

You’ve heard and read about the benefits of using a PEMF therapy machine. Although you want to experience its benefits, you’re not yet sure if you can or want to buy one. By renting a device, you will receive the same health benefits without spending a lot of money. Together, let us achieve an optimal health condition!

Rent a PEMF Therapy Machine at PEMF.inc!

At PEMF.inc, we offer PEMF machines for rent for our clients. You can opt for a short-term or long-term rental agreement, depending on your current needs. And you won’t have to worry about how to set up the machine since we will give you comprehensive training on using PEMF machines to get the best results. 

PEMF Machine for Rent Details

iMRS Professional System – $150 per Week 

  • Control Unit 
  • Three (3) Applicators 
  • Full Body Mat  
  • Pillow Pad Applicator 

iMRS Prime Hybrid with Far Infrared – $200 per Week 

  • Touch Control Panel  
  • Full Body Mat  
  • Combines both PEMF and Far Infrared  
  • Pillow Applicator  
  • Spot Applicator 

To know more about our PEMF machine rental services, go to pemf.inc/imrs-rental/.

Be Well with PEMF.inc!

Our goal is to provide you with a machine that fosters a healthy lifestyle, supports your body, and assists in pain relief. Whether you want to buy a machine or choose to rent one for now, you can always reach out to us on 0414644120 for our customers in Australia or +61-414644120 for international customers. You can also fill out the form on our contact page.  

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