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Low-Intensity vs. High Intensity PEMF Machine: Does Intensity Matter?

With over 10,000 published studies focusing on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, its effectiveness in improving the symptoms of particular ailments is unquestionable. However, the debate about the efficacy of low-intensity versus high intensity PEMF machines is still ongoing. 

Manufacturers of PEMF machines make claims that their device’s intensity levels are the only ones that work compared to others in the market. These statements, however, are not always true. Here’s what you need to know

Intensity Matters

As you probably know by now, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines come with various features, which means that different types of PEMF machines have different levels of intensity, frequency, waveforms, and coil size inside the applicators.  

While both low-intensity and high-intensity PEMF machines help alleviate the pain and inflammation an individual feels, the level of intensity affects the immediacy of the treatment for various health issues. 

It’s All about Physics

Physics plays an integral part in how these machines work. In this section, let us look into the laws of physics that impact the application of electromagnetic fields in the human body. 


Dosimetry is the calculation of the amount of frequency dosage that a living organism will absorb. The dosage determines how the tissues of the body respond. 

Moreover, it looks into these four important factors: 

  • The intensity of the electromagnetic field or the stimulus; 
  • The timeframe the stimulus is applied; 
  • The volume of cells, muscles, or organs targeted; and 
  • The desired outcome. 

Dosimetry is founded on the two laws of physics, specifically Faraday’s law and inverse-square law. So, what do these terms mean? 

Faraday’s Law

Faraday’s law is a law of electromagnetism stating that the change in magnetic flux within a loop can affect the magnitude of the electromotive force (emf) induced in the circuit. In simpler representation, the equation for this law is E (voltage induced) = dB/dT, where dB means the change in magnetic flux or flow of liquid and dT means the change in time. 

high intensity pemf machine in australia

How is this related to the intensity of PEMF machines?

Based on this law of electromagnetism, the higher the value of the induced voltage means the greater the charge is produced in the tissues. Therefore, the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine must have a high intensity pemf machine level if the bodily tissues need more charge to heal. This may be true, but how high do you need to go to get a health benefit? 

The downside to short-term exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields is it may fatigue the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular system. If you are under stress, wouldn’t you want to calm the body down and not the opposite?  

Furthermore, many people are sensitive to high intensity pemf machine, especially the elderly. A good night’s sleep is also another way where the body heals itself. So if you’re not getting enough sleep every night, try low-intensity PEMF therapy. Sleep is the number 2 reason why people look for a good  PEMF system. The number 1 reason is for pain relief.

Inverse-Square Law

Inverse-square law is another law of physics stating that the intensity of the magnetic field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Take, for example, a flashlight. The intensity of light coming from the source will depend on its power and the distance in which you measure its intensity. 

In relation to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines, the magnetic field becomes stronger if there is a short distance between the source and the stimulated tissue. Conversely, the intensity of the magnetic field applied decreases if the source of the magnetic field is far from the stimulated tissue. 

Hence, if the tissue you want to target is close to the machine, you only need a lower intensity level. Whole-body mats are recommended, as PEMF can help treat the complete body from head to toe. On the other hand, high-intensity machines usually only have loops to place on the body for spot treatments. 

Units of Intensity

Now that you learn the physics behind pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices, let us understand the units of intensity used by various manufacturers of such machines. 

  • Tesla – It is the standard system of unit used for magnetic field strength or magnetic flux density. In simpler terms, this unit specifies the strength or intensity of the magnetic field applied to the targeted area. 
  • Microtesla – Microtesla or uT is 1/1,000,000 of a Tesla.  
  • Gauss – While most PEMF machines use Microtesla as their unit of intensity, others use Gauss. 1 Microtesla is equivalent to 0.01 Gauss. 

The Truth of High-Voltage PEMF Devices

Some PEMF manufacturers offer devices with very high intensities that can reach up to 2 Teslas. Remember, the Earth’s strength of the field is only between 33-66 Microtesla, which means that these high-intensity PEMF machines shoot bursts of PEMF in just a span of less than a second. 

While the random discharge of energy contains good PEMF frequencies, it can also be harmful to the user. With very high intensity pemf machine, the released electromagnetic field may contain dangerous high frequencies. Moreover, high voltage energies also have an irritating nature to some individuals. 

Some believe that high-voltage PEMF systems are the only ones that can help in pain relief and other pain-related issues. However, low-intensity PEMF therapy devices can give you greater benefits because the body resonates and harmonises with natural intensities similar to the Earth’s magnetic field. 

But if there is a need for you to use PEMF therapy machines with high intensities, make sure to seek guidance from healthcare professionals with expertise in using these devices. While you can use low-intensity machines every day, it is not advisable to use high-intensity machines on a daily basis. 

Compare the Cost

The cost of high-intensity machines can be ten times higher than low-intensity machines. However, the cheapest PEMF machine on the market may not give the health benefits a good quality German made PEMF machine can provide. Cheap devices use very small copper coils, which is about the size of a 2 cm key ring. Thus, you get what you pay for. 

For example, a quality machine with larger coils from https://pemf.inc/ use tightly wound coils that are 9 inches (23 cm) in diameter. Larger copper coils placed throughout the body mat and applicators give a greater flux area to pulse the PEMF frequencies. By laying on this mat, you can treat the head, upper and lower body, arms, and legs all at once in an 8-minute session and remain fully clothed in the process. Watch our YouTube demonstrations. 

Allopathy vs Homoeopathy

The system of allopathy and homoeopathy is proof that low-intensity machines are better. Here’s why: 

Allopathy fights the health issue of an individual while suppressing the symptoms they feel. This system can be intense and may work against the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Taking this information into consideration, high-intensity PEMF devices may override the natural healing response of the body. 

On the other hand, the homoeopathic system strives to work with the body by mapping out the symptoms to provide a remedy that will match the physical manifestations. Moreover, the homoeopathic approach through low-intensity PEMF may help minimise the symptoms of a health condition by improving one’s health. As a result, the body will promote regeneration and response with its natural ability to heal itself as nature intended. 

When Can You Use Low-Intensity PEMF Therapy Machines?

Some research shows that high-intensity PEMF therapy machines provide sufficient and more efficient treatment of pain and improve circulation. Nevertheless, there are many more studies showing the efficacy of low-intensity PEMF therapy machines. 

Ten thousand PEMF therapy studies have been conducted. Results show that low-intensity PEMF machines are the most effective, beyond compare, and researched-based form of energy medicine applicable today. Just remember that STRONGER is not better, BETTER IS BETTER. 

Additionally, the Earth’s magnetic field is not a pounding strong field.  Mother nature sends a magnetic pulse reading at 7.83 Hz. The NASA study confirms that weaker PEMF pulsed electromagnetic fields actually worked better and safer. 

NASA: Low Frequency, Low Intensity, and Rapidly Varying PEMF Signals are Effective

To prove its efficacy in alleviating symptoms and improving health, experts from all over the world conduct various research. NASA’s four-year collaborative study found that low-intensity electromagnetic fields generate the best results. 

Because a low-intensity PEMF therapy machine closely matches the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field, it can promote more natural healing powers of the body. 

Aside from the benefits mentioned beforehand, NASA’s study also discovered that low-intensity PEMFs speeds up the healing and regeneration of a body’s damaged cells and tissues.  

Health Is Wealth

One can only have a life well-lived if wellness is achieved. If you fail to take care of your health, you won’t have the energy to do even non-herculean tasks. And it does not only affect your physical activities. Health concerns can also take a toll on your mental health, causing you to feel stressed and unhappy. 

The problem is some people think that optimal health maintenance costs a lot due to the expensive technologies and therapies. What they don’t realise is these investments will give them more benefits in the long run. Caring about your health now may also protect you from being unwell in the future, which can cost you a fortune. 

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