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Smoking Cessation: The Role of PEMF Therapy Machine

Quitting vices is challenging, especially if you have established dependency on them. However, allowing yourself to be buried in smoking and nicotine wouldn’t do any good for you. 

Heavy smokers face the threat of developing health issues and chronic pains due to impaired delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the bones and tissues. Moreover, insufficient blood and nutrient transport may result in disc degeneration to the spine, which later results in lower back pains.  

Familiarising yourself with a PEMF therapy machine can aid you further in your nicotine withdrawal journey.  

pemf therapy machine for smoking

How Smoking Affects Your Health

For many, nicotine helps them feel good. But that is nothing but temporary because, in the long run, it has adverse effects on health, which may become life-threatening since this affects all organs in your body. 

Data shows that cigarette smoking is one of the top causes of preventable death in the United States, reaching at least 480,000 deaths each year. 

However, you can still control your body’s healing if you start today. PEMF therapy device helps you with that as this improves your body’s natural recovery. Let’s learn more about that in this blog. 

Possible Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Lung Damage

Smoking can damage your body’s airways and alveoli that can be found inside your lungs. When chemicals enter the body, they multiply the risk to your lungs.  

Once you smoke, this triggers the cells that produce mucus to expand and grow in number. As a result, this also increases mucus production, which later on thickens inside.  

Lungs, unfortunately, could not clean excess mucus. Correspondingly, the mucus that traps your airways will clog and eventually make you cough uncontrollably. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclosed that smoking increases one’s risk of lung cancer by 25 times for men and 25.7 times for women.  

Heart Disease

Aside from the lungs, smoking can also damage the heart, blood vessels, and cells. Not only that the chemicals can produce excess mucus in the lungs, but they also increase one’s risk of atherosclerosis.  

Atherosclerosis, or the hardening of arteries, eventuates when arteries become narrow and hard because of excessive plaque surrounding their wall. This plaque consists of cholesterol, fat, and calcium, among other substances that become hard over time.  

Aside from atherosclerosis, smoking can also increase the risk of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), or the blood flow restriction caused by narrowing arteries to the arms and legs. Research shows that smoking is detrimental to the heart and a factor in developing PAD, which may lead to blood clots, stroke, and heart attack. 

Damage to Female and Male Reproductive System

Smoking can damage a woman’s female reproductive system, making it harder to get pregnant because the chemicals released when smoking affect a person’s hormone levels.  

If a woman is pregnant and, at the same time, a smoker, this can affect her and the fetus in several ways. One crucial thing to remember is that this could damage the fetus’s lungs, brain, and central nervous system while inside the mother’s womb. This may also contribute to the fetus’s abnormalities.  

Besides pregnancy difficulty, smoking also puts men at risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking, together with alcohol and substance abuse, are some of the causes of erectile dysfunction.  

Weaken Immune System

Smokers suffer more health problems as cigarettes weaken their immune systems responsible for protecting the body from infections and diseases. Smoking, accordingly, compromises the equilibrium of the immune system in its functions.  

A cigarette contains at least 7,000 chemical compounds, which can interfere with the immune system. As a result, the body would be weak and become prone to several disorders, including serious conditions like cancer.  

With these said ill effects, today is your best day to quit. It is hard, but each step forward is worthwhile.  

It’s Hard, But It’s Not Impossible: Ways to Quit Smoking

Are you willing to take the first step toward quitting smoking? Take these tips as your references in the process.  

Plan Why You Should Stop Smoking 

For you to be on track with your development, you should create a plan on why you should stop smoking and how you can address both the short-term and long-term challenges to avoid relapse.  

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How heavy are you as a smoker?  
  • Can you consume more than a pack in a day?  
  • Are there specific times of the day when you can’t resist smoking?  
  • Is smoking your avenue when in stressful situations?  


You must be aware to what extent you are with your vices for you to know where and when to start.  

Be Aware of Your Smoking Triggers

You must also take note of the particular situations, feelings, and activities that trigger you to smoke. You must know your patterns and triggers and keep a log out of them to serve as your guide in quitting smoking.  

Once you identify your triggers, you can now think about how you can switch from your prohibitions. If eating would be the closest alternative, try it.  

Be Acquainted with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

When you stop smoking, your body starts to adjust. As a result, you will likely experience several symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that may differ from person to person.  

To cope with this, you must be aware of the common nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which include but are not limited to cigarette cravings, anxiety, restlessness, headaches, increased appetite, irritability, depression, insomnia, constipation, and decreased heart rate.

Use the PEMF Therapy Machine

PEMF therapy device is the latest technology with the potential to aid in the nicotine withdrawal of an individual. This device has electromagnetic waves that may improve the smoker’s brain and help regain its normal function. Moreover, PEMF professionals have been studying more about PEMF’s health benefits and are looking into its power to stimulate the brain to reduce nicotine craving and, eventually, be a great supplementary tool for smoking cessation. 

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