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PEMF for Pets

Save A Fortune On Vet Care Using PEMF Therapy

Every year, people spend thousands of dollars paying vet bills. A large amount of this spending goes towards treating chronic pain and arthritis. Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy may help your pet in a natural way. To create PEMF, you need a device like the iMRS system. You can simply lay down your sick pet on the iMRS mat or Pillow pad applicator once or twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

PEMF therapy has been used internationally for over 60 years and is backed by science. PEMF may assist your pet, so give it a try. Rent a machine today and see if it will help your pet and at the same time save money on vet bills.

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How Will PEMF Help Your Pet?

When you create a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field using the iMRS in your home, your pet inclines to move towards it. It is common for pets to sit with their owners when they are using the iMRS PEMF body mat.

Pets respond to PEMF therapy very well. The reason is that our pets’ metabolic rates are usually greater than our own body. This is the main reason why physical improvement is very high amongst pets.

The good news is, PEMF can help different conditions with your pets and can be used daily for daily maintenance.

The iMRS pulsed electromagnetic waves can effectively penetrate each and every living cell in the body. iMRS based PEMF therapy can penetrate deeper inside the body compared to other regular therapies e.g. TENS, laser therapy, continuous (static) magnetic field, and ultrasound therapy.

PEMF increases metabolism and oxygenation. This helps your pets regenerate and heal faster after infection, injury, surgery, or any other physical condition. 

Regular PEMF based health maintenance can significantly improve your pet’s physiology. PEMF is used to lower chronic pain, increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

IMRS PEMF therapy can help your pet during the recovery phase after orthopedic surgery or injury. PEMF may assist any kind of inflammation that your pet may be suffering. When treated with PEMF, animals have shown noticeable signs of getting back their ability to run, jump, play and improve their quality of life.

By using the non-invasive PEMF iMRS system, you may reduce your vet cost and increase the health of your pet.