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History 101: When Was PEMF Therapy Introduced?

Science has its own ways of bringing us bewildering things that we don’t even know what to do with them the first time we come across such creatures and entities. But as rational beings, we always find the purpose of everything around us and find ways that we can benefit from them. The same is true with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines or PEMF therapy. 

The use of PEMF therapy as an instrument that helps human beings achieve a healthy life has its roots hundreds of years ago. In this blog, let us have a blast from the past and find out how experts discovered the benefits of electromagnetic waves to the body.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: The Journey towards Discovery

You may have heard about PEMF therapy just recently, but scientists and experts have studied this for centuries now. Here’s where it all began… 

PEMF History

The Creation Story

Several theories follow the origin of the universe. The major three are: 

  1. The Big Bang Theory – This theory suggests that a single matter exploded and then expanded rapidly, which soon transformed into the entire universe. Thus, the “big bang.” 
  2. Steady State Universe Theory – In this theory, there is no beginning or end of time. Instead, it maintains that the expansion of the universe is constant. However, its density remains on average, and matter is continuously created that forms stars and galaxies. 
  3. Eternal Inflation Theory – This theory states that the expansion of the universe is constant, which then creates new universes as it extends further and further into space. 

Regardless of the origin story you believe in, the formation of electromagnetic fields comes with the inception of the universe. Its emergence to the world is natural, and it has helped sustain life on Earth. Although you can’t see them, electromagnetic fields are everywhere—inside our bodies and the environment we belong to.

The Experiment of a German Doctor

Franz Anton Mesmer is a German Doctor who invented hypnotism and is now regarded as the father of modern hypnosis. In fact, the origin of the term mesmerized in the English language was his name. 

Aside from that, one of his greatest contributions to science is the results of his experiment wherein he let patients with mental illness swallow an iron liquid and pass two magnets around them.  

Through this experiment, he saw significant changes in the patient’s conditions. According to various sources, the subjects were relieved from the symptoms of their illness almost immediately. The results lasted for several hours.

Nikola Tesla’s Discovery

You may have probably heard about Nikola Tesla in your science class when you were at school. This American inventor was famous for his breakthroughs in the field of electricity. He has paved the way for the production, transmission, and application of electric power. Moreover, he was the inventor of the first alternating current (AC) motor. 

Much like Franz Anton Mesmer, Nikola also explored the effects of PEMF on cellular activity. In his study, he discovered that cells have a positive reaction to PEMF energy, which then resulted in his invention of the Tesla coil. Now, some manufacturers use this coil in their PEMF therapy machines.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Research

PEMF Therapy Machine - NASA

One of the most prominent studies about the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in bodily functions is from NASA. The agency invested approximately 3.5 million dollars in the research, which paid off because their study garnered positive results. 

NASA developed PEMF pads into spaceships, which became essential in mitigating bone and muscle issues. Furthermore, the astronauts in orbit also used PEMF devices to help maintain their health.

FDA Approval: The Timeline

Non-Union Fractures

Naturally, the body has the ability to heal fractures by forming blood clots around the affected bone. It will protect the bones and transport the cells necessary for healing. After this process, there will then be healing tissues that will form around the fracture, which will join the bones again. 

However, there are cases wherein the body fails to heal fractures even after an extended period. 

Experts have found out that PEMF therapy can help with this issue. And in 1979, the FDA pushed the approval of PEMF for assisting in nonunion fracture treatment.

Bone Growth Stimulator

After studying the effects of PEMF therapy on the bones, experts also discovered that it could stimulate bone growth. The FDA approval for low-powered PEMF machines for bone growth stimulation was in the 1980s. 

Cervical Surgeries

Cervical surgeries help those who experience back pain lessen the suffering they are feeling. In this medical process, surgeons remove all or part of a damaged disc. After eliminating the damaged section, the upper and lower vertebrae will fuse, and the patient won’t feel discomfort anymore. 

The problem is that some surgery patients are facing high risks for non-fusion. This is where PEMF therapy comes to the rescue. The machine helps stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, which means that it will aid in decreasing the risks of non-fusion for cervical surgery patients. 

The FDA approved PEMF therapy for this purpose in 2004.

Depression and Anxiety

Two years later, the FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for depression and anxiety. Although it does not necessarily “treat” these mental conditions, PEMF can help make patients feel relaxed, which can lessen the stress they are feeling.

Brain Cancer

In 2011, PEMF gained the FDA’s approval for its use in brain cancer treatment. One year later, experts in the field of medicine discovered that electromagnetic fields could slow down the growth of tumors.

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The benefits of PEMF therapy machines and the development of its technology started years and years ago. While further research is underway to discover more benefits living beings can get from PEMF therapy, it has already shown positive results to the human body and even of the animals. 

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