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PEMF Therapy Devices

pulse pemf machine

Are you an integrated doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath, yoga or gym instructor, osteopath, massage therapist, or reiki practitioner and would like another modality to help your clients? Consider getting an PEMF Therapy Devices. Our start of the art of our PEMF therapy devices helps people who have excruciating physical pain and other health issues.

All you need is a little space or a massage table to lay down the PEMF mat. You also need a chair where your clients will sit down while they use the PEMF pillow pad and spot applicators to ease up the pain in their back, neck, shoulders, legs, knees, hands, and feet.  

Electromagnetic Pulse Machine - Happier Clients, Better Results, and Increased Profits!

As soon as your clients feel the difference after going through the therapy using the PEMF therapy machine, they are likely to share their experience with their friends and family. As a result, it would bring you more clients and generate more income than before.

Another big advantage of our pemf therapy devices is that you can offer therapy to more than one client at the same time. The pulse pemf machine has a split mode function where you can treat 2 clients at the same time. A client can bring a friend/family for a promotional discount for the 2nd person. This incentive would significantly increase your per-hour income too.

PEMF therapy device in sydney
Pulse PEMF machine in sydney

Let Your Staff Handle the PEMF Therapy Sessions for Your Practice!

The present economy needs you to deliver something affordable and effective. This is where the iMRS PEMF could be a game-changer. It will help you stand out in an ever-competitive healthcare environment.

The addition of our pulse pemf machine to your therapeutic practice would help you achieve the goal of increasing your income stream significantly. It will also expand your practice to treat a wider variety of clients suffering from different health conditions. Get your own system now and be one step ahead of your competition! 

The Advantages Of iMRS PEMF Machine To Your Therapeutic Practice

1. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition.

People now, want the most value for their money. They want something new and effective. As a therapist, you can offer them what they want with the iMRS PEMF machine and maintain a consistent solid income flow. .

2. A New Hope For Patients.

Electromagnetic pulse machine field therapy (PEMF) offers increased benefits to the existing therapeutic modalities. It will strengthen your current therapeutic practice and make it more effective for your clients.

The biggest advantage of PEMF therapy is that it works at a metabolic level. It is likely to work at a faster and more intense rate. When it comes to HRV biofeedback and brain entrainment, the electromagnetic pulse machine could be of great benefit to all.

3 An FDA-Approved System.

The iMRS PEMF system is certified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as proven safe. PEMF therapy has been proven to be effective by NASA to help improve conditions that were not previously feasible.

4. A recurring treatment protocol for all.

The ideal use of the iMRS PEMF system is 2-3 sessions per week. This should continue for the first few weeks. Gradually, you can decrease the number of sessions based on the improvements seen in your patients. Long-term maintenance will ensure good health for your clients.

5. iMRS PEMF is an easy-to-use system.

The iMRS system was designed considering everyone’s needs. There are no need to remove  clothing or warming up the temperature of the room. All you need is the iMRS PEMF mat, a small stand to place the control panel and a massage table to get started.  The iMRS has an optional inbuilt Far Infrared which is enjoyed by all clients.

6. No Attendance Necessary

Once you have trained your staff to apply the iMRS PEMF system, you do not need to be present during every session. Thus, you can allot your time to focus on other patients. This will increase your workplace productivity.

For more information about the iMRS PEMF therapy system for your practice, Please contact me on 0414644120 or the contact form.