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Dog Beds for Arthritis

As living creatures, dogs also experience various sicknesses and carry the burden of having certain health conditions that may disrupt their carefree lives. One of the most common health issues among older dogs is arthritis. According to the Union Lake Veterinary Hospital and Pet Services, one out of five dogs get this condition in their lifetime.  

One thing you can do as their fur parent is to make them use a dog bed for arthritis. This way, they won’t have to suffer that much as they heal from their condition. Learn more about it in this blog.

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Arthritis in Dogs

holistic approaches to pain relief for dogs
Dogs with arthritis have to deal with pain and inflammation due to the change or damage in their joint’s cartilage. But what makes it painful is when the bones rub together every time the dog is on the move.

Osteoarthritis doesn’t have a single cause, but several factors can trigger the condition, such as: 

  • weight 
  • history of activity 
  • joint development 
  • the dog’s body build 
  • past fractures, ligament damage, elbow dysplasia, and other injuries 
  • nutritional history; and 
  • orthopedic surgery. 

How to Identify if Your Dog Has Arthritis

Your dogs couldn’t communicate with you directly about what they feel. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell whether or not they are suffering from arthritis. Listed below are some of the clear signs that can help you identify if your dog has arthritis. 

  1. They aren’t that enthusiastic about doing their exercise or even having a walk in their favourite park. 
  2. They are aggressive towards other dogs or humans due to their discomfort. 
  3. They don’t move that much, and their mobility slows down. 
  4. They find it hard to get up and sit down. 
  5. They lick their joints constantly 
  6. They look stiff when they walk. 
  7. They lost their stamina. 

If you’ve observed these things on your pets, it is best to consult a veterinarian and have your dogs use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines. These devices provide natural pain relief for dogs without invading their bodies and injecting any type of substance. 

5 Ways to Help Your Dogs Manage Their Pain

Discover the benefits of natural pain relief for dogs

Arthritis can be very painful, not just for humans but also for animals. While we can do something to manage our pain, dogs can’t do anything about it. And we know that you don’t want your dogs to suffer. Here are some ways to help them with that:

1. Use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices can help alleviate the suffering your dog experiences due to arthritis. As you probably know by now, PEMF therapy provides natural pain relief for dogs and to humans as it targets damaged cells and regenerates their charges. When this happens, it will then resonate with the body and help foster a more efficient approach to healing. The same results apply to dogs. 

A PEMF dog bed for arthritis helps eliminate or decrease the symptoms of arthritis, which is crucial in the healing process. Specifically, it may reduce swelling and inflammation, improve mobility and cell health, promote proper cell function, and remove the cells’ waste materials.  

Moreover, PEMF therapy machines are safe to use whether or not your pet has a health condition. Because of its natural pain relief for dogs and properties, you can have your dogs use PEMF mats and pads on a daily basis to support their health. 

2. Massage Them

Do you know that feeling of relief after getting a full body massage? While its effects are short-term, giving massages will surely give your dogs a temporary sense of relaxation. However, don’t put pressure on their joints as it may do more harm than good. Instead, knead their stiff muscles gently. In doing so, you can assist in improving their mobility and flexibility. 

3. Help Them Control Their Weight

What does weight have to do with their joints and bones?   

Bear in mind that the dog’s legs are the ones carrying their entire body. Therefore, the heavier they get, the more load their legs have to bear. As such, losing weight will lessen the strain on their joints and bones.  

What you can do is to make sure that you don’t overfeed them and provide them with the right amount of food and nourishment. In addition, some types of food help relieve the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. This includes omega-3 fatty acids, chondroitin, and glucosamine. 

4. Make Your House More Pet Friendly

Aside from keeping your home clean and storing fragile and hazardous items away from your pets’ reach. If you have elevated floors and steps, ramps will save them from the challenge and hassle of climbing the stairs—just see to it that the slopes are enough for them to go up and down. 

5. Give Them a Soft Sleeping Space

Every time we sleep on hard surfaces, we wake up with soreness and pain in different parts of our bodies. And this doesn’t make us feel good about the beginning of the day in any way. Imagine having arthritis and sleeping on rough and tough beds. That’s the last thing you would want, right? 

Give your dogs a soft bed to sleep in. Something that’s made of memory foam would be great, too! This way, they will get enough sleep, making them more active when they wake up. Most importantly, the support on their joints and bones helps them deal with the pain from their arthritis. 

We Care About Your Dogs as Much as You Do!

PEMF.inc offers pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mats for your dogs, which are best paired with dog bed for arthritis. These machines can provide long-term pain relief for dogs and ultimately lead to a happy and healthier life. Not just that! Our devices can also help with pain relief and bone healing among your pets. Contact us today! 

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