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PEMF Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain is a highly common complaint among adults. It is considered the second most prevalent pain ailment next to headache. Even young adults as early as their 20s already experience it because of improper posture, sitting too long while studying or working, lack of exercise, and more.

Most people will dismiss back pain as part of aging, but it can have different causes and if left unchecked and untreated, it can become worse as a person grows older. However, because it is a common problem, doctors may suggest pain killers, therapists may suggest massage or acupuncture.  Unfortunately, most of these treatments only assist for a short time. Even surgery shouldn’t be the first choice because it comes with a lot of risks and may do more harm than good.

Instead, someone suffering from back pain should look into using a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy machine. In contrast to surgery, it is non-invasive, safe, and has no negative side effects. Compared to other remedies, PEMF health benefits maybe more effective and long-lasting.

But before we elaborate on how a PEMF therapy machine works and its effects, it would help to better understand first the two types of back pain, its causes, effects, the different kinds of conventional treatments, and why PEMF therapy machines are the better option.

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There are two types of back pain: acute back pain and chronic back pain.

Acute back pain or short-term back pain develops quickly and lasts for a few days or weeks. But even though it lasts shorter than chronic back pain, it can nevertheless become intense and develop what was merely discomfort into emotional pain and torture. In most cases, it can be relieved with some self-care and common medicines or treatments.

Chronic back pain, on the other hand, is when back pain continues for up to three months or longer. Because it is more long-term compared to acute back pain, it affects a person’s everyday life more, even to the point of incapacity and loss of function.

The two are not mutually exclusive such that about 20% of people who already have acute back pain can develop chronic back pain if they have persistent symptoms within a year.


Scientifically, back pain is a reaction to inflammation in your back region. Your wounded region swells up to protect itself from more harm from the inflammation. In other words, back pain is a sign that your back region is inflamed and your body is trying to heal itself. If not addressed back pain can lead to other health and mobility issues of the body.

As for inflammation in the back region, it has many causes. They can be congenital (such as skeletal irregularities), injuries, degenerative problems, nerve and spinal cord problems, and non-spine sources (such as kidney stones, tumors, pregnancy, and more). There are also risk factors that develop back pain such as age, fitness level, weight gain, genetics, job-related factors, mental health, backpack overload, and psychological factors.


In acute back pain, back pain levels can range from mild to intense discomfort.  Depending on the severity of back pain, it can cause you to sleep poorly, perform inefficiently, feel muscle aches or a burning sensation, and so on. This means the quality of your daily life will be heavily affected. Even if acute back pain is short-term, its persistence over time should be a sign for intervention.

Back pain can also affect you mentally or psychologically. As mentioned earlier, back pain is a healing response to inflammation in your back region. However, Self-healing is not always guaranteed; despite meticulous and consistent self-care, back pain may persist. When this happens, physical discomfort levels up to emotional and even mental torture. For example, you might increase your anxiety or stress about back pain signals and then perceive them to be more painful or intense than they actually are.

Knowing these different effects of back pain is important for you to consider pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines as the better alternative compared to conventional treatments.

Conventional Treatments

There are many conventional treatments for back pain. The most common of these are heat compress, cold compress, rest, and pain relief medications. However, these only usually address the symptoms by numbing the pain and are ineffective against chronic back pain. Some doctors may suggest avoiding specific foods, recommend chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy. Yet again, these remedies are not feasible in the long-run and on the contrary may be even more expensive as they will need to be applied frequently. Surgery is also a possible option, but due to its cost and invasive procedure, it should only be a last resort.

Even the effectiveness of conventional treatments is short-term or temporary as they do not always address underlying causes of back pain. As stated earlier, mental health is one of the risk factors of back pain. Having anxiety, depression, or stress can worsen back pain as you tend to focus more on the pain and, as an effect, you perceive back pain signals to be more intense than they should be. In other words, back pain, especially chronic back pain, may require more intensive remedies such as PEMF therapy machines.

PEMF Therapy Machines

The reason why using a pulsed electromagnetic therapy machine is more effective compared to conventional treatments is because it treats the body holistically. PEMF therapy is done by using a system such as the IMRS Prime. A patient will first lay down on the iMRS PEMF whole body mat applicator, then move to a seated position with a pad applicator placed behind the back.

Our PEMF therapy machine has a touch screen tablet highlighting the icons to tap and adjust the intensities of the pulse electromagnetic fields. As the therapy is conducted, you will receive electromagnetic fields that sync with your body’s own magnetic field that assists the body to recover.

Call our office and ask any questions you have about utilizing a PEMF therapy machine for back pain. We can assist you in locating the item that best fits your needs in terms of health and price. Waiting is not necessary. Today, take charge of your own back pain treatment.