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Electromagnetic Pulsed Therapy Machine and Weight Loss

In an imperfect world with people striving for perfection, others find the need to be flawless themselves, especially when it comes to physical appearance. That is why most individuals are on a venture towards weight loss.   

However, it is also important to note that weight loss is more than just looking good and feeling great. It also entails taking good care of your body to remain healthy and decrease the likelihood of disease.  

But did you know that one of PEMF’s health benefits is that it can potentially help you with weight loss? Let’s look into that in this article and discover some other ways to lose weight without compromising your health. 

weight loss

1. Eat Breakfast

Some people may find it ironic that eating is the first thing mentioned on the list about losing weight. But studies have shown and proved that skipping some meals won’t help you lose weight, especially breakfast.  

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as it breaks the overnight fasting period while you are asleep. The food you eat during breakfast replenishes the glucose your body needs to stay energetic and alert for the day. Moreover, it gives you the nutrients to remain healthy.   

Some may think skipping breakfast will help them lose weight and cut calories. However, that could not be more wrong. Instead, not eating breakfast will make you feel hungry at different hours of the day, resulting in more snacking. 

2. But It’s Not Just Breakfast That You Shouldn’t Skip

In short, you have to eat regular meals.  

Eat at the right time with the right amount of food. Aside from helping you avoid munching on high-fat and sugary snacks, eating your lunch and dinner at the right time helps you burn calories more quickly. Also, avoid eating late at night as much as possible because it may trigger health problems, including digestive issues. Brushing your teeth after dinner may even help you steer clear of eating snacks or drinking sugary beverages late at night. 

3. Read Food Labels

Here’s another food-related tip for losing weight: read food labels. If you want to stay healthy and make sure that you don’t eat food that will make you fat, you have to know what you’re bringing to your body. And food labels can help you do so. 

If you’re setting a limit on the calorie count for your daily food intake, checking the calorie information on the food labels allows you to keep track of the calories your food contains. More importantly, these are the types of food we recommend you eat to help you with weight loss: 

  • Fruits 
  • Cruciferous vegetables 
  • Root vegetables 
  • High-fibre food 
  • Tuna 
  • Beans 
  • Soups 
  • Nuts 
  • Whole grains 
  • Yogurt 

Of course, drink plenty of water. 

4. Walk

Yes, you don’t need to have intensive workouts to lose weight. For one, high-intensity exercise may lead to burnout and demotivation, making you skip them altogether before even achieving desired results. According to an article from Insider, studies have shown that excessive high-intensity interval training sessions (HIIT) workouts can negatively affect your metabolism and destabilise your blood sugar.  

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to stop working out. Just exercise regularly without burning yourself out. 

But do you know another great option for being more active? Walking.  

Walking isn’t as exhausting as doing heavy workouts. But if you do it regularly, it aids you in losing weight. You can take your dog to the park for an extra walk, go shopping, run some errands, or even pace while you’re talking on the phone. The best thing about walking is that your body is active, plus you’re productive throughout the day without even realising it sometimes. 

Getting yourself a pedometer to keep track of your steps and progress can be motivating, too! 

5. Cut Down on Alcohol and Junk Food Advantages of Using PEMF for Weight Loss

Did you know that alcohol contains calories? The calorie count on a glass of wine can be compared to a piece of chocolate. So, if you’re drinking too much, you’re also gaining more. That is why you should not only keep track and put a limit on what you eat because what you drink can also affect your weight. 

Talking about food, it’s best to stay away from sweets and crisps. Instead, go for healthy snacks like unsalted rice cakes or nuts. 

Advantages of Using PEMF for Weight Loss

Because PEMF therapy directly affects the cells, you may experience additional secondary benefits even if the primary goal is weight loss.  PEMF can boost metabolism, therefore decrease fatigue, mood swings, and more energy in the body which can assist in weight loss. 

PEMF also aid in the removal of toxins from the body, which can improve bowel function and the reduction of cellulite. Weight loss is common when excess waste and cellulite are removed. 

PEMF therapy can help with chronic pain, particularly in the joints. PEMF can help your body recover from injury and increase energy, which may encourage you to exercise more frequently, resulting in faster weight loss.          

PEMFs also improve sleep quality and reduce stress. Poor sleep and high stress levels are both linked to weight gain, among other problems. 

6. Learn More about PEMF Therapy Machine

Over time, experts have found progress as they study more about PEMF’s health benefits. Using PEMF therapy machines can make a person more active since it may improve your overall health. An active lifestyle will burn more calories. 

Having a good night’s sleep, which can then help you become more active for the next day. And if you have sore muscles and injuries after working out, PEMF therapy may improve your condition. Our iMRS Hybrid is an excellent machine to use to relax the muscles and relieve pain because it combines far infrared and PEMF in the one treatment. To sum it up, this therapy is a great companion for losing weight. 

Want to Give PEMF Therapy a Try?

If you want to experience PEMF’s health benefits but are not yet ready to purchase a machine, PEMF Inc. offers these systems for rent. You can try the iMRS PEMF therapy machine and simply return the device if you decide not to purchase one.   

Feel free to call us on 0414644120, so we can answer your questions about the machines and guide you in choosing the most suitable one for your needs.