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A Look into the Safety and Efficacy of PEMF Machines

The world of science is ever evolving as scientists and other experts continue to discover things that can help sustain or improve human life. Along with these discoveries are adjustments in facts or additional knowledge in health that would benefit everyone. As pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) machines are introduced to science, many are still doubting their safety and efficacy. This article circles on the different scientific studies and experiences of various individuals proving the benefits of PEMF machines. 

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10,000 Scientific Papers and 2000 Double-Blind Studies: PEMF on the Eyes of Science

Documentation of every study is essential in the world of science. It helps other experts review the findings and gives the public material they can refer to when they want to learn about something. Moreover, it keeps them informed of the latest breakthroughs that may be essential in their lives. 

To find out more about the safety and efficacy of PEMF machines, experts all over the world have published at least 10,000 scientific papers proving that PEMF therapy is a non-invasive, non-drug, and non-contact machine that helps facilitate treatment.  

Moreover, there have been more than 2,000 double-blind studies revealing that PEMF machines are safe and effective. Hence, people can use them to help treat different health conditions and promote wellness.  

But what are double-blind studies?

This term may be new to you, but double-blind studies are a type of clinical trial wherein some details are withheld so as not to manipulate the results. This means that neither the participant/patient nor the researcher knows about the particular type of treatment or intervention the patient received not until the conclusion of the clinical trial. Compared to single-blind studies, double-blind reduces the possibility of biases among two parties. 

With both the researchers and patients unaware that the therapy the patients received is from the PEMF machines, results still show that it can help maintain cellular health and functionality. 


PEMF therapy does not necessarily heal or treat the diseases of the human body. What makes it beneficial is that it fosters the body’s natural healing process and will therefore help improve the health condition in less time. 

Approval from the Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays an important role in protecting the public’s health as they screen and scrutinise drugs, vaccines, food, and medical devices to ensure the safety, efficacy, and security of such products. By regulating these, they can assure a country that its supplies are safe to use.

Gaining approval from the FDA means that a product’s benefits are greater than the risks (if any). With this, the agency will check how valuable the product is to a person’s life or, in the case of medicine, how it will enhance a person’s health condition.

The Uses of PEMF Machines as Approved by the FDA

The first approved usage of PEMF therapy as a modality was in 1979, when the FDA granted its approval to use it for nonunion fractures. Years after, it has been approved to help with the following conditions: 

  • 1998 – muscle stimulation and urinary incontinence 
  • 2004 – non-fusion for cervical surgery patients 
  • 2006 – depression and anxiety 
  • 2011 – brain cancer 

Are all PEMF devices approved by the FDA?

While PEMF therapy has been approved by the FDA as a modality for various health conditions, you should note that manufacturers of PEMF therapy machines should seek approval from the agency before distributing the devices to the public.  

However, almost all PEMF therapy machines are FDA-approved, including the devices we offer. PEMF.inc’s PEMF machines have also received certifications from various agencies, such as ISO, MDSAP, MDC, Health Canada, and IEC.  

What should you look for when renting or purchasing a PEMF therapy machine?

It is understandable that people are careful about every aspect of a PEMF machine before they try one. To help you with that, these are the key factors you should remember: 

  • You should buy from a reputable and established company. 
  • Make sure to check the warranty. 
  • Check if the devices offered have legitimate FDA registration and have medical device certificates.  
  • Beware of Vendor Websites, where you find only an email address in their contact form. 

But why?

Suppose you buy from a reputable company that offers registered and licensed devices. In that case, there is a guarantee that the manufacturer of such PEMF machines offered by the company will continue to develop. Thus, they will constantly work on the product to improve it and bring more benefits to you. Also, it gives you peace of mind knowing that the products are FDA-approved and are therefore safe to use since they meet all the safety requirements.  

Because of the wide range of benefits PEMF machines can give, plus the high-end technology used to develop such devices, they can be costly. With that, it is best to buy the product with a warranty, depending on the type of machine bought. 

PEMF.inc is a registered distributor of Swiss Bionic Solutions. So, if you buy our machines, there will be a three-year warranty on our products.  

PEMF.inc, Home of Safe and Effective PEMF Therapy Machines

Here’s what our clients have to say after they have experienced the power of our PEMF therapy machines:  

“The consultants couldn’t believe the results of the eight weeks post-injury that I was fully healed and ready to go back…” (spinal injury) 

“A week later, he has been able to drive himself to the doctor, the pain has decreased quite dramatically. By the second week, he was off painkillers.” (knee operation) 

“When I woke up, I can’t hear tinnitus at all. So obviously, it’s working very effectively.” (tinnitus) 

Check out more of these stories on our testimonial page. 

Try It to Believe It!

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