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The Healthy Wave - Healthy Line - Review

This review aims to empower readers with the knowledge when researching to buy a device. One needs to know the difference between a high-tech, high-quality PEMF brand and the materials they use compared to low quality.

The Healthy Wave and Health Line - Made in China

The manufacturer of Healthy Line and Healthy Wave is located and made in China. The same owners and company make the Healthy Wave and Health Line products.

If you go to the Alibaba.com website and search for a PEMF mat, you will see that all PEMF mats manufactured in China have the same look and appearance.

They also use similar marketing words to advertise their products. Aside from the appearance of the Chinese brands, they are all made of the same or similar materials. The insides of the applicators are mostly the same, using ferrite rods as coils.

The Coils Used

The coils inside the Healthy Wave and Healthy Line mats are not the same as ours, which are rock-solid, pure copper coils about the size of dinner plates. Healthy Wave and Healthy Line use ferrite rods. Ferrite rods are used in AM radios.

If you look at the picture below, you can see that Healthy Wave has four ferrite rods, two at each end of the mat. The other photo is a made-in-China brand bought from Alibaba.com.  As you can see, they both use the AM radio ferrite rods. You can buy Ferrite rods for a couple of dollars online.

Coil Diameter Inside Both Mats

No Signal Generator Used in Alibaba Brands

A signal generator is needed in a PEMF machine to create pulsed magnetic fields. Electricity from the PowerPoint to the signal generator converts electricity to pulsed electromagnetic fields, which radiate through the body mat or pad applicators. However, the Alibaba Brands do not use a signal generator.

Without any built-in frequency generators at the incoming mains current (e.g. 50HZ in Europe and 60HZ in North America) is “chopped” unfiltered and without control to generate frequencies. Without a frequency generator, the product will have no targeted control over the energy field and no scientifically supported therapeutic effect.

Compare The Far Infrared Materials

See the difference in the materials used in both brands. Our brand uses quality materials, carbon fibre.

Website Reviews

Healthy Wave and Healthy Line are big on marketing to advertise their online products. They make their own review websites and place their products as the best machines at the top of the list. These are not 3rd party independent reviews; these review websites are done by themselves.

If you want something made in China, then go to Alibaba.

If you are looking to buy a cheap Chinese-made brand, you can buy from Alibaba for a tenth of the price of those displayed on a Healthy Wave website. But we do not recommend a made-in-China brand when you want a PEMF device.

It is best to buy a German-made PEMF machine.

You can purchase one of our German-made certified medical PEMF devices for the same price as some of the Healthy Wave, Healthy Line products.

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