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Compare The PEMF Intensity of Miramate

A PEMF machine’s intensity of the “pulsed electromagnetic fields” must be strong enough to penetrate through the body completely. It is vital for the magnetic fields to pass though the body to stimulate the body to heal itself. In this video we compare our brand at PEMF.inc and the brand of Miratmate

This proves that no PEMF branded machine are the same as each other, and how it performs.

Compare The Coils Video

In this video we cut open both PEMF machines.

Miramate Coils

We can not believe what Miramate has used for their coils.

When we place the material in front of a light, it is totally transparent. Similar to looking at an X-ray.

Compare to Our Brand - PEMF.inc

Our coils are German made. Miramate is made in China. See the difference in quality.