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Testimonials - Sandy


My mum is 85 years old. Her body aches all over and she suffers from Asthma.

After I purchased the iMRS machine, I got my mum to lay on the whole body mat and after a few days she had more strength to walk for longer periods of time and her body pain subsided.

Before using the PEMF device my mum would constantly cough as her lungs had phlem and she couldn’t get it out. I put the iMRS applicator on her throat and chest. Later that week I heard my mum coughing continuously in the bathroom. She coughed up a lot of phlem. From then on her coughing stopped. Years of repeated coughing on a everyday made her ribs sore. She is so relieved her coughing has stopped and to this day her cough has not returned.

My mum’s friend visits us each week to lay on the body mat. She also gets pain relief.
I am very thankful for being introduced to the iMRS PEMF machine which has worked for all of us.

Sandy Ting

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