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2 years ago my husband had a stroke and affected his right arm, right leg and lost his speech, he can not talk. Lewis stayed in a rehab private hospital for many weeks and was subscribed 3 lots of medications for his body pain. 

Lewis come back home to live. When he was in pain he would point to his bottles of pain relief medications. I also took him to Dr Tim’s Health Centre to try other therapies to improve his recovery. I want my husband to have the best quality of life at home and not to placed into a nursing home.

Tim placed Lewis on the PEMF mat on the first visit to the Health Centre. Every appointment after that, as soon as Lewis walked into the therapy room, he would enthusiastically point to the PEMF mat to indicate he wanted to lay on it.

On the 8th visit to the Health Clinic and using the PEMF therapy machine, I noticed Lewis was not pointing at his pain medication bottles any longer when at home. I consulted with my GP doctor about this and together under our doctor’s guidance, we weened Lewis off his 3 brands of pain killers. After that Lewis had no more brain fog.

I wanted one of these PEMF machines for Lewis to use at home as we planned to move interstate closer to family members. Dr Tim introduced us to Gary Murphy from PEMF.inc to get our own iMRS machine. I also applied to get the PEMF machine through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) which was granted.

Today Lewis is living at home with his family around him and is very happy. He is bright and cheerful. His mind is clear to do more things for himself without asking for help. He looks forward to lay on his PEMF mat everyday and has never again asked for pain relief medication. He is starting to say more words otherwise he writes and draws. I would like to thank Dr Tim for introducing us to this amazing therapy and thank you to Gary Murphy from PEMF.inc for the excellent support and guidance to get the right PEMF machine and how to use it.

Anna (wife)

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