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Sports Injuries

PEMF for Sporting Injuries

With any injury, the body will take its usual time to repair. If you are a sportsman, it is important to be back playing sports as soon as possible. A PEMF therapy machine is a useful modality to speed up the healing process.

PEMF is helpful for fractures, open wounds, surgical wounds, or recovery after an operation. The iMRS PEMF therapy machine is a medical device approved for pain relief.

Traditional Treatments

Athletes will commonly be seen having ice packs applied to their bodies. Ice packs help to minimise swelling on the surface of the skin. Ice will not be as effective in treating swelling or bruising deep within the muscle. The freezing of the muscle on the exterior would be necessary to effectively ice the tissues deep within it, resulting in damage to the tissues themselves.

PEMFs, on the other hand, easily penetrates the skin and tissues without causing harm to provide  benefits. PEMF reduce swelling and facilitates blood removal inside a bruise, resulting in a faster recovery and the return to activity, competition, or training.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussion

A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain damage that occurs with a hit or knock to the head with force.  This results in chemical alterations in the brain, as well as damage to the brain cells in some cases.

Symptoms usually reflect a functional disturbance to the brain, and may include:

Physical – headaches, nausea

Emotional – irritability, sadness

Cognitive – difficulty with concentration or memory

Maintenance – sleep disturbances, changes in appetite or energy levels

Because most current treatment methods involve education and various symptom management, there is an important need for other wholistic and safe modalities to accelerate brain repair.

The science clearly demonstrates that pulsed electromagnetic fields penetrate all tissues of the body equally, regardless of tissue type. This includes the head, brain, muscles, bones, and the nervous system. PEMF stimulation is used externally, is non-invasive, and is simple to apply.

Old Sporting Injuries

An injury that took place 20 years ago may come back to haunt you. You often read in the paper or see on TV well-known sporting athletes 20 or 30 years later suffering body pains because of the sports they played. Years of high-level sporting activities can later give decades of uncomfortable body pains later in life. Using a PEMF machine is a something you can do every day to maintain good health and relieve pain with just 8 minutes a day.

Common Sporting Injuries: Preventing and Treating with PEMF

1. Injury to the Shoulder

Injuries to the shoulder are common in a variety of sports. Warming up the muscle first is the best form of prevention. Before the event, use the rowing machine if in the gym. Go for a walk, swing your arms and stretch.

PEMF Protocol: Using the iMRS split mode option and place the spot applicator on the shoulder and the pillow pad behind the back.

2. Runner’s Knee

One of the most common sports injuries treated by orthopaedic surgeons is a knee injury. Wear cushioning insoles inside your running shoes. Before running, you should stretch and warm up thoroughly. Run on the grass to absorb the shock to the knees instead running of cement.

PEMF Protocol: Using the split mode, place the spot applicator on the knee on intensity 150 and place both feet on top of the pillow pad on intensity 400

3. Shin Splints

Shin splint pain is characterized by inflammation of the muscle tissue that support the shinbone’s inner side. The best way to protect will be to wear comfortable shoes and stretch the legs before and after the run.

PEMF Protocol: Place both feet on top of the pillow pad in intensity 150, 200 or 400

4. Muscle Strain

Calves and hamstrings are the most commonly pulled muscles. Stretching properly is a simple way to prevent injury. RICE and gentle stretching are recommended treatments.

PEMF Protocol: Lay on whole body mat applicator on the Hybrid mode using both PEMF and far infrared heat.

5. Achilles Tendinitis

Make it a daily habit to stretch your calves and achilleas tendon. It’s best to wait until it’s completely healed before getting back running or fast paced sporting activities.

PEMF Protocol: Place both feet on top of the pillow pad in intensity 150, 200 or 400

6. Concussion

This injury is usually caused by a blow to the head, which causes disorientation and dizziness, among other symptoms. Our best prevention advice is to avoid all contact sports or to wear a padded helmet. Recovery requires time and rest.

PEMF Protocol: Lay on whole body mat on the relaxation mode setting.  Seek medical advice for head injuries.

7. Ankle Sprains

Sprains of the ankle are common in sports that require a lot of running and turning quickly. Prevention necessitates ankle strengthening in the gym. After an injury, apply ice.

PEMF Protocol: Place both feet on top of the pillow pad in intensity 150, 200 or 400

8. Tennis Elbow

Elbow injuries account for approximately 8% of all sports injuries.  Use small hand weights to strengthen the wrists and forearms.

PEMF Protocol: Use the spot applicator wrapped around the elbow on intensity 400

9. Lower Back Ache

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of sports. Warm up the area properly with yoga stretches.

PEMF Protocol: Lay on the Hybrid whole body mat applicator with PEMF and far infrared activated on intensity 25.


10. Groin strain

Warming up the legs with a walk or treadmill and stretching are the best preventative measures.

PEMF Protocol: Lay on the PEMF body mat applicator and sit on the pillow pad applicator.

Try PEMF today.

Make a list of all your injuries, aches, and body pains.  Over the next 2 weeks monitor your old injuries and you will be pleasantly surprised of the good results.  One by one the pains can slowly fade away.

If you have an acute or chronic pain from a recent accident or an old sporting injury, I recommend to give our PEMF machine a try. You can rent one for a couple of weeks to try. Please call on 0414-644120 or send a message in the contact form.



Sports Injuries