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Choosing the Right Type of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale

A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale can bring countless benefits to the human body. But with the different types of PEMF machines, you need to find the right one for you to experience its health advantages. Let this article clear the confusion for you as we outline a guide to choosing a PEMF machine for your needs.

The Technicalities of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device for Sale

The different models of PEMF devices have their strong points when it comes to meeting the user’s needs. Still, the best way to find out if that particular machine works for you is to understand its technical aspects, such as: 

Intensity Level

A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale can have high or low intensity. While the beneficial aspects of PEMF therapy can be enjoyed regardless of the intensity applied, some intensities work best on specific areas of your body.  

So, what is the difference between the two?

High-Intensity PEMF

Releases sudden energy that powers a PEMF therapy device, which then creates the electromagnetic field. Because of the machine’s high-intensity level, the impulse are strong. When this happens, the cells react through the vibration at their frequency. 

The pulses of high-intensity PEMF are penetrated on the targeted area of the body. However, these bursts of energy may negatively impact the body as it can disrupt or override your body’s natural ability to heal itself. You need a machine that is fully adjustable to set the intensities.

Low-Intensity PEMF

Systems are the most popular PEMF machine and are more affordable. Users can get countless health benefits from using low-intensity PEMF therapy devices. A PEMF machine with large copper coils in the body mat and applicators are best because they pulse a wider area of magnetic fields to treat the body. Buyer beware of PEMF companies selling machines with small copper coils inside their applicators.  Ask for photos. 

A machine should have fully adjustable intensity settings with larger copper coils at least 9 inches (23cm) in diameter so the magnetic field can penetrate the body while remaining fully clothed. 

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device for sale

Wave Forms and Frequencies

There are 5 waveforms in PEMF therapy. They are the Sine wave, Square wave, Sawtooth, Triangle, Trapezoidal.  The least effective wave form according to the 4-year NASA study was the Sine wave.  The Sine wave has a signal like a rolling ripple wave in a pond.  

Most companies use the Sine wave because technically it is the easiest wave form to produce. NASA found the Triple saw tooth and Square wave the most effective because of the rapid rise and fall. Like swiping a credit card or abruptly striking a match to light a fire, that rapid rise and fall movement causes a spark. This induces more current and impacts the cells faster.  

The Square and Triple Saw tooth wave has a sharp up and down rapid rise and fall action which can contain thousands of frequencies a second. Therefore, more opportunities for the body to receive, resonate and respond.


Most PEMF devices feature various programs, allowing you to select the one that will suit your body’s needs. That is why it is important to check if you can change the settings of a PEMF machine before buying it. This way, you’ll have more control of the machine, enabling you to come up with desirable outcomes.  

For example, relaxation, sleep, stress relief is a lower setting, pain relief a higher setting. The Hertz should also be adjustable so you can do higher Hz in the morning when starting your day or before exercise. Lower Hz in the afternoon or evening when your body is winding down to rest or sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important to maintain good health.  

Sleeping is when the body heals and regenerates. The number 1 reason why a person looks for a quality PEMF machine is for pain relief. The number 2 reason is to improve their sleep. It is also important to choose a PEMF machine that will automatically switch the magnetic field polarity from north to south every few minutes to minimize habituation. PEMF therapy is cellular exercise, so using PEMF consistently along with time and intensity variation is key to seeing good benefits. 

Type of Applicators

There is more than one type of PEMF device available on the market, each with a specific convenience and benefit to the user. Some of the different types of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines are as follows: 

  • Mat – You can use this PEMF device by lying on the surface. Since it is flat and the dimensions cover a person’s body, the electromagnetic field released by this type of applicator targets your entire body. Therefore, enabling you to achieve heightened wellness in terms of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Do make sure the body mat is long enough to treat the whole body from head to toe. Some manufacturers cut costs to supply PEMF mats that are short in length, so when having a treatment your head and legs protrude over the ends of the mat instead of on being on top of the mat. 
  • Applicator Pad – It is a portable type of PEMF machine that you can apply to the affected area of your body, such as your neck, thighs, or lower back. This type of PEMF device reduces muscle soreness and relieves pain in the area it targets.  
  • Seat Cushion – While the PEMF mat lets you lay down on a flat surface, a seat cushion gives you the freedom to sit down so you can still do the things you enjoy, like reading a book or a magazine, while enjoying the therapeutic effects of the device. Always buy a PEMF system that has a whole-body mat that includes pad applicators or seat cushions for spot treatments.  
  • Standing Platform – A PEMF standing platform is a device beneficial for working out. The vibration produced by this machine helps stimulate the muscles in the body, which is good for exercise and reducing muscle fatigue. Because standing platforms have only PEMF coils below the feet it is not treating the whole body. 
  • Wearable Device – For those who think that mats and applicators are not convenient enough to bring anywhere, you can use a wearable device for your therapy sessions. Usually, a PEMF wearable device looks like a head or wrist band which can be worn on the body. The downside is, the key ring sized coils used in wearable devices are so small, you may not receive a health benefit. Many wearable devices use the TENS technology which is not as effective as PEMF “pulsed electromagnetic fields”. 

Type of Applicators

Now that you know the technical aspects you need to investigate when purchasing or renting a PEMF therapy machine, here are other measures you can take to ensure that you have the one you need: 

Do Your Research: The more you know, the more you can benefit from the healing properties of a PEMF machine. Plus, various manufacturers offer different types of PEMF machines to customers. So, we recommend that you compare one from the other. 

Assess What You Need: To help you narrow down your options, you must understand and evaluate what you need. Do you need it to aid in the treatment to improve your health, relieve pain? Are you looking for a quality, yet portable machine which you and the family can use? Are you a practitioner that would like to use in your health and wellness clinic? In both these cases I would suggest our biggest seller, the Prime PEMF machine with Far Infrared.  

Our Product Features.

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Invest in Your Wellness

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