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The importance of proper circulation in maintaining optimal health cannot be overstated. It ensures that blood and oxygen are constantly flowing throughout the body. PEMF therapy has a positive effect on blood circulation. Improved microcirculation, in particular.

What is microcirculation?

Microcirculation is a branch of the circulatory system that deals with the flow of blood within small vessels. This is in contrast to macrocirculation, which is deals with the flow of blood in larger vessels such as veins and arteries. Capillaries are vessels that are linked to microcirculation because microcirculation is a vital link between capillaries, tissues, and cells.

What effect do PEMFs have on circulation?

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduction of platelet adhesion
  • Reduction of oedema and swelling
  • Blood vessel dilation (NO-mediated vasodilation)
  • Reduction of fibrinogen and enhancement of fibrinolysis
  • Blood vessel formation via increased growth hormone secretion
  • Increases the ductility of red blood cells, allowing them to travel more easily through capillaries


A rouleaux formation is made up of a stack of red blood cells that stick together. Because it resembles a stack of coins, it is also known as “roll forming.” Capillaries can only transport one red blood cell at a time. As a result, it is critical for healthy blood circulation to avoid the “rouleaux effect” as much as possible.

By increasing your cellular voltage with PEMF therapy, you create a strong positive charge on the outside of your blood cells, causing the cells to repel away from each other, creating separation and allowing for more effective blood flow and increased oxygen transportation throughout the body.


A chronically inflamed tissue is like a swamp; there is little fluid flow and thus little drainage. The environment of the swamp changes dramatically when blood flow is increased through vasodilation. PEMF therapy also stimulates the production of growth factors, which aid in the fight against inflammation.

Our PEMF therapy machine is a medical device that has been approved for microcirculation. If you want to try it out by renting or purchasing one, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Using dark microscopy, the video below depicts cells suffering from the Rouleau Effect and their subsequent healthy transformation following an 8-minute PEMF therapy session.



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