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Understanding Electromagnetic Pulse Machine: How PEMF Works

It is highly essential for a body to heave healthy cells for it to function optimally. One way to achieve that is through the use of portable electromagnetic pulse therapy.

And now that the field of medicine has embraced technology into its practice, there are countless ways to alleviate the pain and suffering of humans who are experiencing various illnesses. We now have effective medications and high-end machines to treat diseases or at least lessen their symptoms compared to what we have in the old ages.

The History of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machines

Image of a portable electromagnetic pulse therapy device with adjustable settings

You may have just recently heard about it, but PEMF therapy machines have already existed since 1979. It was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a device used to assist in the healing of nonunion fractures.

FDA Approval of PEMFs Through the Years 

  • 1998: Some healthcare providers utilise PEMF therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.
  • 2004: The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy to help cervical fusion surgery patients who are at high risk for non-fusion.
  • 2006: Aside from the benefits it gives to a person’s physical health, experts have also done their research on the effects of PEMF therapy machines on the mental health of humans. In 2006, the FDA acknowledged PEMF therapy as an instrument that aids in the treatment of mental conditions, such as anxiety and depression.
  • 2011: As years go by, the scope of PEMF therapy’s benefits widened, the FDA granted its approval for this non-invasive therapy as a machine that helps decrease the symptoms of brain cancer. 
  • 2015: FDA has reclassified PEMF therapy machines from Class 3 medical devices to Class 2.

But Where Did PEMF Machines Originate?

Before the invention of the actual portable electromagnetic pulse therapy machines, an American inventor, Nikola Tesla, made the first magnetic loop coil. The PEMF machines in the market nowadays contain this type of coil.

Meanwhile, most of the first PEMF machines originated in countries from Eastern Europe, such as the Czech Republic. It was then introduced in Hungary in the 1980s, and the rest of the world followed after that. 

If you are in Australia and you’re looking for a PEMF machine because you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you can buy or rent our electromagnetic pulse machine at a reasonable cost. We also cater to international clients. We have international accreditations and certifications, including FDA, ISO, Health Canada, and MDSAP. We are also the first PEMF company in the world to be granted the MDR 2017/745 Class 2 medical device certification. 

How Does PEMF Work on Your Body?

PEMF therapy machines are a non-invasive, drug-free, and painless alternative to medications and other medical procedures. But if you have doubts about using PEMF therapy machines because you don’t have a clear understanding of how PEMF works, we’ll walk you through its basic process. 

Electromagnetic Fields

As you probably discovered in your physics class, all energy is electromagnetic in its natural form. Every atom in your body and of the surroundings produces an electromagnetic field. And all the cells in your body communicate with the help of the frequencies caused by electromagnetic energy. Therefore, when there is an interruption in the electromagnetic activity in the body, it may fail to function normally. 

What does PEMF have to do with the body?

When you use a PEMF therapy machine, it will send magnetic energy to the body, which stimulates the cells that have impaired chemistry. The process will ultimately end up in the rebuilding of cells, which will then help improve the overall health of a person. 

When You Use PEMF Therapy, You May Experience the Following Benefits:

As you probably know by now, a PEMF therapy machine has different types, such as: 

  • Shorter recovery times for post-operation
  • Decreased stress levels and improved sleep
  • Faster healing of wounds
  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Stimulation of nerves and muscles 
  • Increased ligament strength
  • Improved immune system
  • Swelling reduction
  • Strengthening of bones (which can help in arthritis) 
  • Assists in having a healthy lifestyle
  • Improved circulation and oxygenation 
  • and more!

Low PEMF Therapy Intensity and Frequencies

Some PEMF manufacturers claim that a PEMF machine must have high intensity and high frequency for it to work in the human body. However, research shows that quality PEMF machines with low frequency and intensity can deliver electromagnetic fields to the body in which the body responds favorably. It also gives out a resonating effect to the body and harmonizes with the existing intensities used. 0.7 to 30 Hz frequency levels are well-researched to resonate with the body. On the other hand, high frequencies can be disruptive to the body. Mobile phones 8,600,000,000 Hand 5G towers are 24 to 86 billion Hz.

What Does High-Intensity PEMF Therapy Machines Do to Your Body?

High-intensity PEMF therapy machines produce bursts of electromagnetic fields in less than a second. These abrupt and strong pulses may disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal itself. That is why, if there is a need for you to use high-intensity PEMF therapy machines, you must have a healthcare professional to assist you. These people make sure that the electromagnetic pulse machine’s user is safe during the session.

How to Use a PEMF Therapy Machine?

Now that you know what PEMF does to your body, let us walk you through the process of using the electromagnetic pulse machine. 

Since we’re talking about our health, we must make sure that we get the desired results after each PEMF session. With that, you need to set the machine to its right programme. Although it is quite simple to navigate, we provide our clients with training on setting up the device. We can do the training via email, phone, or even onsite to help our customers get effective and immediate results.

Revitalise Your Body’s Cells with iMRS PEMF Systems

Unlike other types of medical procedures and medications, a PEMF therapy machine is non-invasive, so you have nothing to worry about. If you want to improve your body’s cellular function and help strengthen its ability to heal itself, you can avail of iMRS International’s PEMF therapy session. We offer both pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mats and portable electromagnetic pulse therapy to our clients not just in Australia but also throughout the world. 

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