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PEMF Pulse Therapy


This month’s promotion is two people can be treated for the price of one. Visit one of our wellness clinics to receive a PEMF treatment. We have therapists all over Australia who are keen to help you.

We use the latest technology PEMF machines which are certified medical devices. We have PEMF machines for sale, rental hire or you can book a treatment. We take care of all of Australia. We are the go-to website for affordable high-tech pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices.  For our international clients we use our database of trained therapists who engage with us and use our machines.

Book a PEMF treatment today at the promotional price which is “bring a friend for free”. So, if you both split the cost of a one treatment it is half price. We use the latest iMRS Prime Hybrid which includes Far Infrared. Our price is $60 an hour.

The phone number to call is 0414644120 or fill in the contact from.

Keep reading to find out what is PEMF, why it is important to us and what protocols we use when you have a treatment.

What is PEMF Pulse Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy?

PEMF Pulse Therapy is a type of energy therapy that uses the natural state of the earth to emit pulsating electromagnetic fields. Our planet’s electromagnetic frequency is approximately 7.8HZ. This is known as the Schumann Resonance and is needed for humans to exist. When astronauts travel into space away from the earth’s magnetic fields, their bodies begin to deteriorate.  We require the earth’s electromagnetic field to be healthy. The magnetic field of the Earth is as important to us as food, air, water, and sleep. We would perish if there were no electromagnetic fields.

PEMF science began thousands of years ago with the ancient Greek and Chinese cultures’ therapeutic use of magnetic fields. Nikola Tesla developed the ‘Magnetic Tesla Coil,’ an electromagnetic device that he used on his patients at the end of the nineteenth century. He discovered that they usually felt immediate relief from their pain. Clinical studies on electromagnetic fields were conducted in Europe and Japan in the 1960s, and over thirty thousand studies have been conducted in the decades since proving the positive benefits of pulsating electromagnetic fields for a wide range of health and medical conditions.

pemf pulse therapy

What is the purpose of PEMF Pulse Therapy?

The earth’s magnetic field (Schumann Resonance) has receded by half in the last 300 years. Due to changes in how society operates, the average person spends ninety percent of the day inside, working and living in concrete buildings, driving in metal cars, and wearing rubber soled shoes, which shields us from naturally occuring healthy PEMF. As a consequence, cell membrane has been compromised, resulting in weakened immune systems, susceptibility to illness, and distress.

Another aspect of today’s society is that we are exposed to harmful high-level bad energy of EMFs via electric lines, laptops, cell phones, microwave ovens, and television sets, among other things. These high intensity levels of bad EMFs that cause the body to become weak and tired. PEMF therapy brings healthy natural earth based magnetic fields back into the body.

The Advantages of PEMF Pulse Therapy

  • Pain Reduction
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Stress Reduction
  • Assists Bone Healing
  • Improves Circulation
  • Assists with Wound Healing
  • Injury Recovery Time is Reduced
  • Improves Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Swelling and Inflammation are Reduced

The PEMF Inc pemf pulse therapy

What to expect when getting a treatment.

The Whole-Body Mat

To get the best possible results from your PEMF therapy treatment, our therapist will start with a 25-minute session on the full body mat. This creates an ideal physical state supporting circulation and assisting pain relief. Our machines are approved medical devices for pain relief and circulation.  

Our iMRS whole-body mat contains titanium tubing though out. We will set your desired far infrared heat temperature and then you receive both PEMF and Far Infrared at the same time. This will enhance the health benefits as well as your enjoyment of your treatment.

Pillow and Spot Applicators

Following the whole-body mat applicator, we place the spot and pillow pad applicator on the area you want to treat, such as your knee, hips, elbow, back, or neck. This treatment will last approximately 35 minutes. We generally use a higher intensity for these treatments.

Brain Entrainment

You can use the interconnected Audio & Light Relaxation System throughout your PEMF treatment when using the body mat. Brain Entrainment is best described as a “relaxing spa bath for your brain.”

Melt Away Your Stress, Tension and Anxiety.

The brainwave entrainment components contain goggles and earphones. You select your desired colour, choose your favour music, place on the googles then laydown and relax with the headphones. You will enjoy the combination of light, colour, and sound frequencies.

This system works in tandem with the body mat’s electromagnetic frequency impulses.

You have 3 PEMF options

1) Book a treatment

2) Rent a machine

3) Buy one

We also do online video demonstrations for those wanting to see the features of our machines. We want everyone to experience and enjoy the health benefits of PEMF therapy. Contact us today and will be happy to assist you.